Free Internet – The Solution India Awaits

Genesis of the internet had begun with the development of the computers around the 50’s. In India that dream came true post 30 years.

Over the years as we entered the 2k century, internet has been growing at an unimaginable speed. With that, what I believe is our growth too should have been growing at unimaginable levels.

But that’s not happened. Yes, I agree that we have been growing day by day but that’s nothing as compared to the internet. When we can use our brains to develop internet and make it better, why can’t we make it so good that it helps us get better every day?

Some reasons might be the proximity between the rural and urban areas. The internet connections have reached remote places but not at a larger scale. There lies the problem. People now can at least afford some cell phones but cannot afford laptops, tablets etc thus we have to make sure that we devise a plan in such a way that the internet reaches out to them even on their phones.

Now you might think of how costly will the connectivity cost everyone? What if I tell you that it’s free for all?

Yes people. It’s free!

Facebook and Reliance communications have introduced a new concept called free internet via a website “”.

Photo credits - Reliance Communications
Photo credits – Reliance Communications

This is a website which hosts a lot of services right from Facebook, OLX, News, Cricinfo, Weather updates, job search etc. Since this is the beginning, this service has been tested only on 6 circles i.e. Gujarat, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Also, this service only applies to Reliance customers.

Advantages of Free-net:

  • There are no charges for using these websites. Just imagine, not paying anything for around 33 useful websites. Right from booking tickets via Clear trip to selling stuff on OLX, you can do it for free.
  • You can always know what’s happening around with news updates. So always be on the go. Never be outdated with information in your field. Hold the edge on others by reading and being updated almost every minute via TOI, BBC news, Aaj Tak, Maharashtra Times, Manorama news etc .
  • You can always be connected to everyone via Facebook. So when you are bored, check out updates, chat with your friends, family etc.
  • You can be one step ahead of other prospective job applicants by applying to jobs on the go via Baba job & Times jobs. Now you don’t need to worry about an internet connection to search for a job.
  • Now no more asking people around you for score updates. Use ESPN Cricinfo and be updated with every ball played. Also listening to latest music just got easier with Hungama music.
  • Heard some new word and don’t know the meaning? Don’t you worry because you can now use and translator to get your doubts cleared and learn new words every day.
  • Have any questions which you need answers to? Log on to “Wiki how” and also use “Bing” to find whatever you need.
  • Learn about new facts about life, information on social welfare via UNICEF, MAMA, Nike Foundation, UN Women, AP Speaks etc.

Basically so many aspects of our daily life have been covered with all such websites. I know it’s not everything but if you get so much for free, I bet you wouldn’t complain.

I have a belief that a nation can be empowered only when the people are updated.

You can’t expect to be a developed nation with 10 best schools and over a million of illiterate people. You cannot expect to have the best of employed people when they are not updated with the latest skills needed on the job.

Just imagine this never ending chain.

  • A person has an idea.
  • He uses his phone to log on to the internet and check if his idea can be of some good use for a business.
  • He can then setup a business after some good know-how about the industry.
  • There will be a lot of employment opportunities created.
  • Revenue and growth will be on an uptrend.
  • The nation will get better and better.

Just imagine, what if over a 100 people can do this?

The impact it can have will be off the charts.

With our prime minister stressing on “Make in India” and asking entrepreneurs to step up, I see this step taken by Facebook and Reliance Communications as a boon and the next big thing for the empowerment of our nation.

What do you think about this article?

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