Being Cornered

A general thought erupted in my mind today.
So I thought about sharing it with you guys.

An early Disclaimer – There are 2 questions to be answered at the end of the post.

The situations mentioned below can be anything from academics, love, money issues, life and death, terrorism etc.

So here it goes.
What happens when you’re cornered?

Image credit – Folkeye deviantart

This can be various things;

  1. You’re left to fend on your own.
  2. You feel you’re out of options.
  3. You’re in a confused state.

Whatever be the scenario, there will always be 3 outcomes.

  • That situation will bring out the best in you.
  • You’ll do something stupid.
  • You’ll do nothing.

Image credit – Keyassociates

Either the situation you’re in shall bring the best in you or you might do something unpredictable.
How do we judge such people though?
They made a choice weighing their options right?
They thought they were doing the best for the people they cared for.

The ones who came unscathed are the ones whom we notice and respect a lot.
But for those who after being cornered, turned for the worst, what about them?
We simply judge them saying they couldn’t weigh the pressure mounted on them.

I have a few questions which I would like you folks to help me with.

  1. Is it right on our part to judge such people for what they did after being cornered?
  2. Is there a new beginning or what we say a “clean slate” for such people?
I’d like to know what you’ll feel about this.

What do you think about this article?

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