All Things Black and Beautiful `

If i were to own 5 things  in black, they would be unique, maybe a bit weird, but still awesome.

 So, here’s my list.



As weird it may sound i really would want to own the “black hole”

Why so? Just because it’s existence has always amazed me. So have its facts.

2)  OIL


Yes, i know how greedy this sounds, but this is one of the best ways to mint money. If i could own the oil deposits in the middle east, that would be awesome.

3) The Piano House, China

The Piano House — Anhui, China

Need i say more?

For a music lover like me, this would indeed serve the purpose.

4) El Diablo, Spain

El Diablo Restaurant (11 pics)

El Diablo Restaurant (11 pics)

Now this is one restaurant i would love to own.

It comes in black. 😛

The specialty is,  the chefs have access to a volcano of their own, Literally!

It isn’t a lava spilling mountain (thank god for that). It’s a black hole which erupts heat from the deepest ends of the earth.



Now who wouldn’t want a piece of history?

I do.

This would be the perfect end to my list.

Let me know if this post was worth reading, funny, or a sheer waste of time 😛

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