Sky Watch Friday – Early Morning Special

It’s mesmerizing to witness the sun rays steer past the clouds and shine welcoming a new day! Many of the times when I go for a vacation or a trek, I try to witness the early morning sunrise. It’s therapeutic. 

Firstly, my love for the sky is infinite. And hence i’m always in awe of it. Here, I was on my way from Pattaya to the airport in Bangkok. My family trip came to an end and I kind of was sulking that such an awesome journey had to come to an end. But I have so many memories and while looking at the pictures in my phone and listening to “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” I happened to glance outside. We were almost reaching the airport and the view was spectacular. I quickly get my camera out and capture 2 snaps. One was blurry and the other one was thankfully perfect.

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