Because I'm Happy

Good Morning.

Today, whilst checking out and their new look, I happened to come around few pictures which signifies the importance of being #together in this journey of life.


I then remembered a situation which took place last year. That situation took almost 8 months and help from few important people in my life to come out from. So I thought, why not share it with you guys. Here’s a story close to my heart which I now put forth you.

May 2014 – Completed MBA in Finance.

June 2014 – Job search begins.

January 2015 – The search still continues.

That’s my story.

I, Lancelot Quadras after completing my degree started losing confidence in myself at a rapid pace. Interview after interview, facing rejection became part of my reality. There were times I could not sleep. There were times I introspected on what I’ve been missing out on. There were times I questioned my capabilities. 

8 months after my college life was over I still had no job. At that time i could be compared to a maze, where there is no way out. Only twists and turns leading to different p-laces, but not to the end. That feeling of doing nothing and having nothing to do… many can relate to it. The question then arises; how you deal with it? What happens when you can’t find the end of the tunnel; when everything looks bleak; when everything around you only seems to pull you down; your morale is at an all time low. I described it a bit dramatically. But yeah, the feeling was upsetting to heights I don’t want to measure anymore in this lifetime.

I am lucky to have few people whom I care about. I’m even luckier when I tell you that these few people have been there for me in my happy moments, times when I need some advice, times when I just want to be heard and finally… times when I just wanted to hear and accept the truth.

When I think about how I made it so far without doing something stupid or slipping into the pool of sadness, I just look at the almighty and thank him for keeping so many angels beside me. The angels are in the form of my family and a few friends.

I have My Parents to thank for their understanding. It’s not easy to look at your son struggle for a job when you’ve given your 100%. There were moments when I could see a bit of frustration in their eyes. Sometimes they must have seen the sadness on my face. But they’ve made sure to keep me happy no matter what.

I have a few Set of Friends to thank for providing a never ending funda on life, success and failure talks, cracking jokes and just about bringing a smile on my face when all I wanted was nothing more than solitude. I was wrong. I needed them and they came to me, made me laugh, gave me hope and the strength I needed to come out of this situation.

The result of their belief in me did pay off. I got a job on 12th February, and that was one of the best days of my life. Everyone’s happy. My family and friends said they knew I’d make it one day and yes I did make it.

Alone everything looks kind of impossible but #together we can scale new heights. I couldn’t have managed my confidence, be positive, if it were not for my parents and friends. I’m glad I have them in my life.

It’s truly said that sometimes even an “I’m here for you” can bring in hope and strength in us which can help us to #lookup and rise up to the occasion.  So have there been occasions when you felt everything was not going your way but there were some important people who were there for you, believed in you and with their help got you out safely? If yes, then please share it with me. Let the world know the power of being together.


The Decision That Changed My Life

10-15 Tournaments – 0 matches wins – 0 Tournament wins.

This is sadness right?

You might be guessing about teams with such a low performance level.

This one’s different.

This is the story of my college life.


There were some of us who shared the passion for football. We made a small team comprising of 6 guys. We weren’t the best. Hell, we weren’t even good. All we had was the love for the game.

We decided to play for rink football tournaments which are basically for 5-8 players and the ground size is lesser than half of the actual football ground. Now don’t think since the space is small that everyone can last the entire game time.

Wrong. Did you know that the pace of the game increases with the reduction of ground space? So smaller the ground, faster will be the game. We worked on our stamina to last an entire game. It was tough but over the course of a couple of months we could last an entire game. Then was the turn of the next hurdle I.e. coordination. I believe without coordination and team work, no team can succeed. So we found out our inner strengths, played along and in time, we had a good coordination level.

Over this period of understanding our strengths and weaknesses, we practiced after lectures, tried getting better with each training session and playing friendlies to find out how good did we fare in the game.


Now the results in the practice games sometimes don’t highlight everything. The nervousness, the fear is less when we play such matches. It gets a zillion times worse while we actually play.

We got the taste of that nervousness in our first match ever. It was for a team of 5 with 3 substitutes which can be used anytime in the game. We got scared. Not one pass was mad correctly. We lost 6-1. The goal which I scored was from a penalty. That was the only shot on goal. The most embarrassing part was the opposition had been playing in their jeans and we were decked up to play mainstream football. So many people watched our game, laughed on us. I still remember that day and laugh on it.

Over the course of 1.5 years, we kept going to tournaments in different colleges, only to lose in the first round. Sometimes we got humiliated, sometimes we humiliated ourselves with the performance. Once, we lost against a team who had one player lesser than us. That was the day our morale was tested. I had lost every bit of hope.

Then I faced my biggest challenge.

In our final year, we decided to play our last tournament. 2 teams from our batch also were participating there. They came up with a theory where they suggested that we make 2 good teams with awesome players and 1 weak team. In all honesty I’ve never felt that disgusted. How can you degrade someone by telling them they are weak? Winning is not everything. Sometimes even your efforts count. I remember one professor who called us losers because she knew we would keep losing. Over time, she respected us for never giving up. She was always our support and gave us permission for all such tournaments.

Anyways coming back to the situation, I was asked to play in the supposedly “strong team”. Now honestly, my loyalty was tested. I really wanted the taste of winning at least a match once before my college life was over. I could get it all if I would join the other team. I wanted to win, but not without my friends.

I chose my friends.

The others asked me to reconsider. But I had decided. Had it been 100 losses on the trot, I’d still be with them.

The tournament was nothing less than a fairy tale.

We not only won 1 match, but went on to the semis.

Yeah, semis!

Imagine the delight when we heard the final whistle which was rung for our victory.

We were overjoyed. We had done it.

On the course to the semis we defeated one of the “strong teams “on penalties.

Yes, we did. We of course lost the semis to the other strong team (who FYI were really good) but we earned some respect in the form of both the teams coming to us and telling how badly they had underestimated us. It feels really good when your opponents come ahead and praise your efforts.


All in all, that step I took helped me understand something really important.

When the going gets tough and you want to succeed, there will always be 2 paths i.e. an easy path and the actual path.

The easy path is like a joy ride which gets over soon. You don’t really earn it when you take the easy route.

The actual path is what we are supposed to do in that moment.

What we decide shapes our destiny.

When in doubt of myself, I always think of that day when I took that bold step which would lead to the greatest victory my team ever had.

And that’s one of the most prized moments of my life.

By bold decisions involving change, I’d like to highlight your attention to who like change and also help make your housing decisions simple. Their new website look is really worth looking at. With them, you need not worry finding that home where you can start your new life.

So go ahead, explore and be ready to experience the change.

Health Is A Valuable Savings Account

What does it mean to stay fit?

I would like to explain it to all of you people through 2 quotes which I feel are perfect in terms of understanding the importance of a healthy being.

  • Joyce Meyer says “I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you”.

If I rewind 6 months back then I would think of this as an awesome quote and would post it as my status update on Facebook and Twitter. But now whilst reading this, I do understand why Joyce has uttered these golden words. The importance of staying fit has to happen at an early age. I’m 23 now and 6 months back, I could easily qualify as a 30 year old man with a stomach that looked like I was hiding a pillow behind my tees. I had a 10% exercise policy. Now why 10%?

Plainly because I stay on the 6th floor and sometimes the lift has a maintenance issue, so I am forced to take the long walk up the hill.

Long story short, I know the importance of being healthy. But overall, humankind has never been so generous in terms of staying fit or taking care of themselves. Sure, we can blame it on the work load, the various responsibilities which keep increasing as of age. But that shouldn’t deter us to be fit.

When we are fit a chain develops. The chain is,

Exercise – Fit – Confident – Happy – Positivity – Repeat.

I am not bragging when I say that this chain is what I felt. I have spoken to some of my friends who are fitness freaks and they said that this applies to anyone and everyone who thinks of their fitness.

When I went for swimming, my body hurt for the starting few days, then it gave me a lot of results right from a proper body shape to high levels of confidence and positivity in any work I had on my plate.

For a while, I actually looked forward to exercising. I started respecting my body and in turn my body respected me.

The final result was that almost anyone I met only raved about how thin or how fit I was. I couldn’t stop blushing like a small kid as I’ve never heard these lines ever in my 23 years on earth. But all in all, it felt good.


  • Thomas Fuller says “Health is not valued till sickness comes”.


I’m sure many of you will agree with Thomas. I am a firm believer too. We don’t value our body in all honesty. We treat it like a dust bin or a waste disposable machine whose only task is to clear the waste. What we don’t know is that every action has an opposite or an equal reaction.

We eat all sorts of junk food, which in all honesty is good only for a while, not all the time. What happens when we turn 35+ is that we cannot eat almost anything. Doctors prohibit our eating habits to a bare minimum. Pills and injections take place of the junk food and you live your life in a way that you start hating it.

Let’s avoid this.

One friend of mine had given me the best tip in terms of being fit.

His name is Dwitiy. He said “Eat… But at proper times”.

I did the same thing. I ate. I ate good but at proper time.

Sure I did have an occasional pani puri or a samosa pav, but that was just once a week.

To diet doesn’t mean that you have to cut down on everything. You just make a list of things which you can reduce on. Follow it alongside a string of exercises and let’s talk after 2-3 months. You surely will see good results. You will like the “New You”.


So, this is what health means to me. A healthy being constitutes a healthy mind. You will have positivity and confidence always around you. Being healthy will never make you sad. You will smile.

Sunfeast agrees with me too. They understand our health concerns and our dietary needs. So they launched “Farmlite Cookies”. These cookies are made from a combination of wheat, oats, almonds/ raisins. They come in 2 variants i.e. “Oats & Almonds” and “Oats & Raisins”. The combinations make sure you get good taste too.

Also the individual packing of cookies in packet form makes sure you can snack in peace.

Sunfeast came ahead with the theme of “Fitness is fun”. There are around 8 videos which show people of different ages and their quest of staying healthy.

I liked almost all, but I choose to show you 3 videos which really left a mark on me.


  • Git Fit Soon Mamu – This is the best video in the entire playlist. The havaldar catches many people during his duty for various reasons, and some of them cannot pay the fine. When he looks at these young guys, he realizes how overweight these guys have become. He makes them exercise for a while and asks them to continue doing so. As if you don’t do it now, you’ll never do it tomorrow and never ever again.


  • Goodbye Bai – This is like the harsh reality of today’s life. We have become so over dependent on our domestic help, that if they don’t come for one day then the house looks like a public place filled with filth. The best part is that we would live with that filth because we are lazy and proud of it. It’s high time we show some efforts in cleaning our house, and guess what, that is also one form of an exercise. In the video, the family members put on some music and clean the house in style thereby understanding the value of fitness.


  • Homework kiya? – This is yet another astounding effort. The classic line we use “Main pehle pareshan tha” shows how being overweight for the man brought a lot of issues not only at work, but also at social gatherings and at home. His confidence was hit, but after making some efforts in exercising and helping in household chores he not only is lean, but also has his confidence boosted.


I would like to end this post with a quote.

Anne Wilson Schaef says “Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.”