Thank You UBC

As the challenge ends tonight, I have a few lines for the UBC.
Straight from the heart.
Thank You UBC,
For helping me enhance my blogging habit nearly to a daily schedule.
For letting me find many other talented bloggers whose posts I love reading.
For the various tips provided every day. (which did help)
For the new friends I made.
I thank you for everything.
I started this challenge very late like around 12th July.
But I was determined to complete it.
I admit I failed.
Lost my phone couple of days back.
Left me heartbroken.
Didn’t blog for a while.
But that’s absolutely no excuse for not completing such a challenge.
I end this challenge with 21 posts which is less.
I won’t proudly show the badge on my blog page simply as I don’t deserve to.
But I promise to come back this October and complete the challenge this time.
I have a lot more to say to you guys, but I’ll end it with a simple,
 “Thank You”

This post is also a part of Day 26 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge



Great Or Greatest ?

What makes a Blog Great?
Hmm… I read this line some time ago and I think it’s apt for the question.

“What are we But Our Stories”


Stories make a Blog great.
Thoughts make a Blog great.
Opinions make a Blog great.

For some, page views and stats might make a Blog great.

Or the number of people following or commenting on posts makes a Blog great.

I don’t deny these being the parameters too, but for me the page views and stats matter much less.


What makes me follow a blog post, or like it?

The blogger’s thoughts, his or her creativity attracts me the most.

I adore a lot of people and I can make a list of some who come to my mind right now as I type this.

These people are damn good in what they do and you must check em out.
Doesn’t mean i don’t like the rest.
I like many more, and these are just the first names which pop up in my mind.

This post is a  part of the 365 days of writing by the Word-press Editors.

July 1 – Great or greatest:

What makes a blog great? What makes you follow a blog or “Like” a post?