Bangkok Morning is very beautiful - View from Airport

Sky Watch Friday – Bangkok Morning Special

It’s mesmerizing to witness the sun rays steer past the clouds and shine welcoming a new day! Many of the times when I go for a vacation or a trek, I try to witness the early morning sunrise. It’s therapeutic. 

Firstly, my love for the sky is infinite. And hence I’m always in awe of it.

Here, I was on my way from Pattaya to the airport in Bangkok.

My family trip came to an end and my kind of was sulking that such an awesome journey had to come to an end. But I have so many memories and while looking at the pictures on my phone and listening to “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” I happened to glance outside on the way to Bangkok Airport. We were almost reaching the airport and the view was spectacular. I quickly get my camera out and capture 2 snaps. One was blurry and the other one was thankfully perfect.

Clicking pictures means different for different people. For me, it’s a way of capturing unique moments. I know of some people who click pictures so in the future when they look back they can remember what all stuff they did on the trip.

But that’s the beauty of Bangkok. I can remember this amazing song because of checking this image. That beautiful morning was saddening because my trip came to an end but I’ll always cherish it for the rest of my life.

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X is for Xenophile – A to Z Challenge 2018

X is for Xenophile which means attraction towards foreign culture and people.

Travel is a revelation. To visit a new or an old place and experiencing moments rejuvenates you. For many, it’s like food for the soul. I like traveling. Yes, that bug bit me since 2015. Before that I wasn’t that excited to go for a trip.  Of all the times I have visited a new place, I not only came back with lots of pictures but also moments of experiencing a new culture and people. Yes, these two things definitely change you as a person. When I visited Shillong, the way everyone dressed there gave me fashion goals. It did not matter whether they are going to school, work, a date or even for a stroll, no one was under-dressed or badly dressed. They looked perfect and made us folks look like outsiders clearly.

I have seen people in many cities and also their culture. It’s so diverse and you can learn a lot. In Thailand, you will find ladies cleaning the men’s bathroom and almost everyone works. They will do something so they can earn their livelihood. I rarely found a beggar per day. Also that they just cannot stop eating. Almost everyone is eating at any point of the time during the day. It’s very funny.

Such experiences make me want to travel more and experience diverse cultures and new people. It’s always fascinating and you’ll learn something every single time. Every once a while I request you to be a Xenophile and travel to a place that you haven’t been to. It can be within India also. Just go for it and spend some time around cherishing the sights nature presents and also the culture there. You will be refreshed when you come back raring to go to a new place!

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Shared bathroom is famous in the west but new for Indians

Lancelot Quadras and the mystery of the Shared Bathroom

The mystery of the Shared Bathroom:

It was the 9th of March 2018 when my parents and I decided to go for a well-deserved vacation. This would be the first vacation we’ve had in this decade which would cross 5 days! Yes, we did miss my younger brother Cleon who’s studying in Hobart. We chose to visit 2 cities in Thailand I.e. Bangkok and Pattaya. The vacation would be for 6 days.

Firstly, my parents are not those who like traveling. But they know I love the world and I know they love me. Hence, they chose to get out of their comfort zone and join me for new exploration. Bangkok and Pattaya was a revelation of sorts for us. A new country always brings in discoveries that we uncover with each moment. There were few such moments that I’d like to share with you guys today.

People in Thailand will work hard. They will do a task which might look easy or boring to you but they will do it with the utmost sincerity and wouldn’t care about what people think. I saw very very few beggars and every other person was doing something. They either sold daily household items, fruits, coconut water, fish items and some would buy stuff from a wholesale market and get a small area on the road nearby to sell those items. For me, that’s a lot of good intent to earn.

If you’ve been to Thailand and you’ve gone shopping (for sure you did!), then you also must have noticed that everyone, whether it’s the owner of the stall/shop or the people nearby; they are always eating! Yes, they always do. We were surprised to discover this. It’s possible that since the stall is open all day hence they don’t get to move around much.

Also, the people there are very open-minded. Few hotels there have the concept of a shared bathroom.

A shared bathroom is where for every room on a floor, there is one dedicated bathroom. At one time its possible for 4-5 people to use it. My parents did not react much but during their visit were more accepting of this. It was because of the people and their clear behavior.

Finally, please do not be surprised to find a woman entering and cleaning the men’s restroom. That was a culture shock for us and we took some time accepting it until being told that this was normal for them. Be it a hotel or a mall, mostly women are the ones who are assigned to cleaning the toilets for both men and women. My first experience of the shared bathroom was that when I was peeing, there was a woman who entered. We both shared a glance and post that she started with mopping the floor. Well for a moment there I was like a blank page. I laugh when I think of that moment.

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Here are my past posts from the A to Z Challenge.