Food Porn – 3

This is the 3rd part of the Food Porn series.

There are 2 pictures i would like you’ll to see.
One is of garlic breads with different toppings.
The other is of a dual pizza.

Garlic breads with toppings of Mince, Corn and Jalapeno is not much heard of in Mumbai.
But you need to try it out if u haven’t.
Its worth a shot.



The picture below is of a dual pizza from Joey’s.
The specialty this place offers is that you can design your own pizza.
Means you can order 2 or 4 pizzas, and they will synchronize it as 1 unified pizza.
You can choose 2 flavors like i did below.
Then this is the result.


In Mumbai, i haven’t come across many places which offer such uniqueness.

Thus I’m always smiles when it comes to visiting Joey’s.


This post is also part of Day 14 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge