Bathophobia is the fear of falling. This post is written for the A to Z Challenge

B is for Bathophobia – A to Z Challenge 2015

B is for Bathophobia.
It’s the fear of falling from a high place.
This word can have many meanings. I choose to explain my view of this phobia.
It often happens that we create a persona, so bright, mischievous, funny etc. that we have to live with it. Not only live, but fulfill our daily expectations people have from that person.
E.g. A guy who once did not even exist for anyone in school suddenly got popular because he slipped on a banana peel and got everyone into laughter mode. He got a lot of attention, friends. He thought times were good. But then they expected him to fall again and again. At first he did it for the fun, later realizing how much it hurt him every time he fell. For the sake of having friends and attention which he craved for, he had to keep falling.
Imagine how much fear (Bathophobia) that guy lives in. He has to keep falling in order to not fall from the high place he has got among his so called friends.
Please don’t do such a thing. People expect, you don’t deliver, that’s life. But don’t hurt yourself to keep them happy.

The ones who want your company will always be by your side even if you have Bathophobia.  

This post is written as a part of A-Z challenge 2015 where bloggers from all around the world will blog for the whole month, daily based on all the alphabets in chronological order. You can read more such beautiful posts on their website.

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A to Z Challenge 2015

A is for Accite – A to Z Challenge 2015

A is for Accite.

It means to summon. I read a broadcast message on Whats-App which dealt with the top 5 things people on their deathbed wished they had done in their life. Yes, not only Whats-App but also on emails, in church, etc. I’ve heard similar pointers.

One such point got stuck on my mind i.e. “I should have been happier”

 Yes. It sounds so simple, yet is easier said than done for many of us. There can be many reasons when we keep our happiness aside for the sake of someone/something. Parents would keep aside their happiness for the sake of the children’s future. Similarly, we all do that in our day to day lives. We all sacrifice a part of our happiness for the sake of something/someone.

Why do we do that?

Yes, it sounds important at that time. But later on after a few years, we regret not doing certain things. As they say, when you have the age to do certain things then you must do it. Let money not be the constraint stopping you from living the life you want. It’s very easy to earn money. All you need is to keep your ego aside and the end result will satisfy your needs. You might say I’m being practical and this is something only some would do.

To all of those people, I have just one thing to say; “Someday you’ll be cribbing about having no money. Someday you’ll be cribbing about having money and not being able to do things. Yes, why should you wait until you are 45 to do things which you should have done at 25? Yes, there are responsibilities, we all have them.

But don’t let them outweigh your happiness. Give time to yourself. Let happiness cover you completely. Take a trip, meet your near ones. Go for a movie, just whisk away for a weekend trip. Or best, just laze around the entire day doing nothing. There are various ways to be happy.

All you have to do is Accite/summon your inner demons, tell them that you won’t be burdened always.

Once you accite your demons, you will be happy, you will find happiness in the most hopeless place, you will smile and never ever will you regret it. Remember, only you can decide whether you want to be happy or no. If you think you have nothing to be happy about in this life of yours then my friend I have some news for you. Be happy that you got this life. You weren’t aborted. There are many such lifeless souls who deserved a life but weren’t given the chance.

You have this one life. Make it the best you can. Don’t keep regrets.

This post is written as a part of the A-Z challenge 2015 where bloggers from all around the world will blog for the whole month, daily based on all the alphabets in chronological order. You can read more such beautiful posts on their website.