Chain Snatching in Mumbai, India

Chain Snatching In Mumbai

So, i guess everyone knows what does Chain Snatching mean…
Some call it an art, some call it a robbery etc.
I’m a simple resident in J.B.Nagar, Andheri East.


From the past couple of months, the chain snatching scenario has taken up our area like a flood.
Usually, My mother came home whining about the vegetable and meat and their rising prices.
But now, the scenario has changed.

Now, she gets home and tells me about whose chain got snatched, and where.
Its become a weekly affair and trust me, it does piss me off..

Recently, as i was walking towards cigarette factory to board a bus to Andheri station i seen a robbery right in front of me
It was around 10.30am, i was walking, and in front, a lady was purchasing potatoes i guess.
A bike was next to her. the next thing i seen was the person riding pillion, took the chain off like his hand was a magnet..(damn quick i must say) couldn’t see his face and the rider too wore a helmet.
they went ahead, but to their dismay, The locals caught wind of the act as everyone shouted, CHORRRRRRRRRRRRRR….!!!!
They couldn’t escape via bike, so they dumped it nearby and ran different routes.
One ran on the main road, while the other took a smaller route with many short cuts.
For a while, i was happy as many ran behind one of the robbers.

But then came the harsh part. The one who took the bigger route ran swiftly, No one around even tried to stop him… Cheers, Mumbai..!!

Felt bad, as the people just stood looking at him while he made his way..
The same scenario if happened with such people, they would be devastated.
The last i heard, they weren’t caught. but the bike was found. so fingers are crossed, lets hope they are put to test!!

Chain Snatching in Mumbai is a regular event as we have more than a crore people living in this city.

The worst part is that chain snatching in Mumbai events are increasing by the day. Because of this, there has been quite a turmoil faced by the community.

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Mad Over Donuts Mumbai

Mad Over Donuts – The Best Donut – Doughnut place in Mumbai, India

Mad Over donuts!!!! a name exactly describing a person who likes, loves, craves,donuts!!
I am a doughnut lover..(If you touch my doughnut, i will kill you) I mean it..
One of the biggest temptations is to resist this small round ball of love!! 🙂
I have been here many times thus i have a lot of pictures !! will describe each one!!


The above pictures depict the love i have for these sweet nothings!! they keep offers to attract more audience and the loyal ones just flock to the outlet as and when they need to have one!!
Price – 55 per doughnut
Offers- Buy 5 get 1 free

Mad Over Donuts is well known for its reasonably priced donuts. What they also have gotten better over the years is their combination styled products.

Yes, you can get a box of 3,6,12,18 and in various sizes and themes! Isn’t that great? The Mad Over Donuts menu and offers are popular with the masses. They also run offers where on a specific date, donuts will be priced at less than 20 rupees! Can you imagine?

So if you are looking for a unique romantic gift for your partner, MOD has you covered. There’s a Mad over donuts in Bandra, Dadar, Shivaji Park, Juhu, Pune in Maharashtra, etc.

Who is the owner of Mad over Donuts?

Adding a bit of information, MOD is owned by Lokesh Bharwani.

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Here are my past posts for the A to Z Challenge

BarbequeNation – The Best Buffet Place in Mumbai

My first visit to Barbequenation after a lot of recommends from friends & acquaintances turned out to be a satisfied meal..
The Ambiance seemed good for a dine-in…
Since i was recommended for a Buffet by almost everyone… i went forward with that idea..
I with my family went on a Sunday evening for dinner!
This place needs reservation calls thus if you ever plan to go ahead.. then please book in advance..
Also the rates of Barbequenation are pretty decent and expected.
On weekdays it costs less (Around 500-600).. & weekends more (Around 700-800) !!
For dinner we were charged 800 per person.



The pictures i clicked above are of the desserts which were present there… Don’t they look delicious?? 
Also, the grill which i mentioned is exactly on the center of the table.

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Here are my past posts for the A to Z Challenge

These pictures only show the food. Here is something you must know about Barbeque nation rates, offers, and menu.

There’s a ton of variety and they keep changing from season to season. The Barbeque won’t just contain meat and veg tikkis. They also are notorious in adding pineapple in it. Isn’t that great?

The staff is welcoming and are always available to serve you. They don’t accept tips as the service tax covers it. So even if you try to pass them money, they won’t accept it. Talk about ethics huh!

So if you’re looking for the best buffet experience in India, Barbequenation is the place to be