Going to Church – Out of love Or Obligation

Going to church every week is what every christian does!!


The question arises…. How many of us go out of sheer love and affection towards the almighty?

At this virtual and digital age , many of us miss the time we spend with our near and dear ones as we are glued to our gadgets.

Also, many people just come to church as they find it as their duty to go to church.

They do not do it willingly. Sometimes, its just to show their parents that they are good children.
Sometimes, they come  to church as they get to meet their friends.
Sometimes and i mean it, very rarely a few would visit because they really want to..!!

Also, There are many things i notice during mass..
Such as,
The seats behind are packed. People will sandwich each other and fit in a conjusted place.
 The places in the front, especially the first 3 rows are hardly having people sitting.
 The priest mostly requests the people to come ahead and sit, rather than sit in such an uncomfortable manner.

Then, the mass begins, and so do the series of yawns..!!
I won’t deny that sometimes i yawn too..!!
Many of us fall asleep during the sermon.

Some of us pretend to listen, and some of us are busy inside our phones!!
What’s the point if you don’t pay attention during the sermon!!

One of the masses i attended recently, the priest gave an eye opening sermon where he simply asked one question, “WHY DO WE COME TO CHURCH”?
 There was a silence, which was accompanied with another minute of silence.
That was the answer he expected. He explained to us what should have been our approach, that all we need to do is talk to the almighty for a minute.
We can indeed remove a minute out of our busy lives.
I’ve asked many of my friends about why do they come for mass, by far its just an obligation
What’s your choice?

You can go to church with a boyfriend, after having a baby and even during the menstrual period.

There is no restriction that can stop you when you wish to pray to God.

Some say that they go to church in their dream!

Isn’t it so cool to visit the almighty in your dream?

Now you cannot go to church because of COVID-19.

So stay home, stay safe and pray from home!

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Pop Tates Happy Hours

Pop Tates Happy Hours

Pop Tates Happy Hours is perhaps one of the best offers that graced Mumbai for 15 odd years.

For most college and working-class individuals, PopTates feels like their third home (right after home & college/office).

Pop Tates Happy Hours Mumbai

This picture sure is epic. For people who love their Beer, be amazed as Pop Tates menu has every vice waiting for you. A hangout spot for almost everyone, this place caters to the needs of each customer. Beer, Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Rum, and Liqueur: You name it and the Pop Tate’s Menu will have it.

There is a special segment called the “Pop Tates HAPPY HOURS” where for a certain time period, all domestic drinks and beers would be “BUY ONE get ONE FREE”.

Pop Tate's offers

You will be surprised to know that the Pizzas at Pop Tates Dahisar, Malad, Vashi, Mulund, and Sakinaka is one of the best highlights of the resto-bar. Not only are the french fries tasty but also are their starters whether its Veg or Nonveg. The Pasta is good but a tad bit overpriced, and this can be also said for a few of the appetizers. The Desserts have reasonable pricing. A special mention to their sizzling brownie with vanilla ice cream that is a favorite among the young crowd and during Birthday parties in Pop Tates.

pop tates mulund happy hours timings

Below are some of the most amazing food pictures I managed to capture. Have fun checking them out. Please note that the PopTates menu may or may not have all of these items. For example, Pop Tates in Andheri might not provide certain fish and lamb related appetizers but Pop Tates Malad might be providing them.

A sizzler like this is too good to be true!! It’s quite reasonable with prices around 250-300. I had tried this in PopTates Malad.

pop tate's vashi happy hours timing

This is by far the most sinful thing I have indulged in any Pop Tates near me. A sizzling brownie with vanilla ice cream can give a lot of happiness. Also, this can be the best substitute for the cake cutting!

Happy Hours in Sakinaka

Lastly, cheese balls. These are perhaps the best I’ve tried to date & the dip they give compliments the cheese perfectly. If you are a beer person, this can be an amazing chakna for your beer.

Pop Tates Cheese Balls

No matter you’re a couple, friend group, colleagues, or anything else, Pop Tates will always welcome you.

You can watch a live match, have a smoke in dedicated smoking rooms, and even get your private space!

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Chain Snatching in Mumbai, India

Chain Snatching In Mumbai

So, i guess everyone knows what does Chain Snatching mean…
Some call it an art, some call it a robbery etc.
I’m a simple resident in J.B.Nagar, Andheri East.


From the past couple of months, the chain snatching scenario has taken up our area like a flood.
Usually, My mother came home whining about the vegetable and meat and their rising prices.
But now, the scenario has changed.

Now, she gets home and tells me about whose chain got snatched, and where.
Its become a weekly affair and trust me, it does piss me off..

Recently, as i was walking towards cigarette factory to board a bus to Andheri station i seen a robbery right in front of me
It was around 10.30am, i was walking, and in front, a lady was purchasing potatoes i guess.
A bike was next to her. the next thing i seen was the person riding pillion, took the chain off like his hand was a magnet..(damn quick i must say) couldn’t see his face and the rider too wore a helmet.
they went ahead, but to their dismay, The locals caught wind of the act as everyone shouted, CHORRRRRRRRRRRRRR….!!!!
They couldn’t escape via bike, so they dumped it nearby and ran different routes.
One ran on the main road, while the other took a smaller route with many short cuts.
For a while, i was happy as many ran behind one of the robbers.

But then came the harsh part. The one who took the bigger route ran swiftly, No one around even tried to stop him… Cheers, Mumbai..!!

Felt bad, as the people just stood looking at him while he made his way..
The same scenario if happened with such people, they would be devastated.
The last i heard, they weren’t caught. but the bike was found. so fingers are crossed, lets hope they are put to test!!

Chain Snatching in Mumbai is a regular event as we have more than a crore people living in this city.

The worst part is that chain snatching in Mumbai events are increasing by the day. Because of this, there has been quite a turmoil faced by the community.

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Here are my past posts for the A to Z Challenge