Candies Bandra

Candies Bandra – Food Review Mumbai

“Candies” in Bandra is a place which every Bandra guy & girl or for that matter, every college-goer is synonymous with.
Situated In Pali Hill, Bandra, This place is a popular hangout for youngsters! I have been to this place a lot because I was from St.Andrew’s Bandra, which meant at least a monthly visit to this place.

Candies Bandra menu has a lot of variety, right from rolls, patties, to Lasagna & Spaghetti. They also have a variety in its drinks right from Hot chocolate, Some iced teas, and slush. Not to forget a Salad Bar that is quite filling and reasonable. Finally, they have a separate counter with Cookies, Pastries, etc that makes this place complete!!

Now that’s my regular meal. A salad plate which roughly costs around 120-140. It’s a one time serving where you are given a plate. You can once fill up as many salad veggies and dressing as possible. So build your appetite accordingly. Next to the salad, you will find my favorite drink i.e. the wild-berry ice tea!! If it’s not this, then I will opt for a Hot chocolate.

Candies Bandra’s timing is up to 8.30 pm in the evening. They are extended up to 3 floors, thus there is ample of space for every group. Also, there are Air-conditioned places situated on the ground floor & the First floor. Rest is open spaces but don’t you worry. Every table outdoor has a table fan!! Cool isn’t it?

So this place is a must-visit place for all groups who want to have a gala time with delicious food.

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Nora Roberts - Face the Fire

Nora Roberts – Face the Fire Book Review

Another Book review of Nora Roberts!!

Hats off to Nora Roberts. She shares a good storyline, explains all characters well, and a good mystery. Even though I could only get my hands on the third book from the trilogy of three sisters, everything was well explained..!!

I got this book in a sale, thus on reading it for a while, I realize there is a possibility of a few books earlier to this. But the magic she created with her writing was so good, that even though I didn’t read the previous two parts, I could grasp & understand the maximum of the past scenes.

Such is her writing, that you automatically visualize the scene happening right in front of you!! Brilliant work, No wonder her books rate highly. I’m not gonna right the entire story as I want you folks to read it.

My rating – 5/5 

Nora Roberts writes magical and thriller stories. Her stories hook up and latch on to you like a virus. I’m sure you will keep reading this until the story ends eventually. So do read this as soon as possible.

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Here are my past posts for the A to Z Challenge

Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar – The best place for Shopping in India!!

Big Bazaar… (26TH January Republic Day Special)

This phenomenon brought forward by the Future group has taken India like a tsunami wipes out everything on its way!!
They get a range of products right from retail to FMCG…
They claim to offer products at the cheapest cost in Mumbai, thus their tagline, “Isse sasta aur koi nahi

Big Bazaar a never-ending customer base. But recently many competitors have been appearing in the market, thus eating up their market share.
So they came up with an idea.
Every now & then they come up with 3 back to back days of “Sabse saste din” meaning the cheapest 3 days.

I must tell you the crowd during these 3 days is too much to be true.. this place can itself be called a overpopulated city.
 The morning bell rings at 9.30 am.
After the ring, the people run like its a war, only the fittest survive.

I entered Big Bazaar at 10 am.
My first word, WHOAAA. the crowd was too much already for the security to handle. They use their whistles to the utmost utility as they try to signal the crowd to keep the flow! I pity the staff too, so many people asking a range of questions.. I would have been fed up with it in an hour’s time!

All in all.. if you wanna know how Mumbai feels like, do enter this place during the mega sale!! You’ll get a good feel..!!
& since its republic day, that means a national holiday, I wish you the best of luck if you plan to go today..!!

On any day of the year, Big Bazaar will help you shop reasonably within a budget. Big Bazaar near me is available in Mumbai, Pune, Chembur, Worli & Kalyan.

Can I order online from Big Bazaar?

Yes, you can! All you have to do is visit their website – BIG BAZAAR and follow the instructions. Find out if they are delivering in your area!

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Here are my past posts for the A to Z Challenge