Rash driving in India

Rash driving in India & its Consequences

Inspired by racing movies & action series many of us once have at least tried fast and rash driving to test our limits. Many times this one drive leaves an opportunity to be our last drive! Yes, I am not kidding.

In a city like Mumbai, road accidents are very likely to happen every week.
You won’t believe it but it happens even on a flyover where the speed limit might be 30. Recently had seen an accident which ended up being brutal for the pillion rider.

The bike, as usual, was fast and on the turn, there was a bit of Grease (their bad luck). So the bike slipped, the rider had a hold on the bike. He got saved but the guy behind him flew right ahead and hit his head on the wall.

Now, this happened so quickly that everyone around was in a state of panic. The rider was saved and he escaped with minor injuries. But the guy sitting behind as the pillion rider died on the spot due to massive blood loss and injuries to the head.

THUS, the same question arises… what is important, being fast.. or your precious life??

I’ve seen some accidents and the fact remains the same. The fun is borne by the riders and the pain has to be borne by their families. One ugly decision can change everything. I can’t imagine the state of the parents when they see their son or daughter in a battered state.

I know one voice doesn’t matter still its an appeal to anyone who tried these daredevil stunts and rash driving to think not for themselves but for their family.

Drive safely, Drive wisely.

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True Friends

True friends stab on the face – Quite Literally

“True friends stab each other in the face“. So, this quote proves how much worth friends are in life. It’s said that in one life we meet many people who wish to be our friends. Some become good friends and some break the shield to become our close friends. And finally, a few lucky asses will turn out to be your true friends.

True friends are the ones who are like your substitute mirrors. They tell you everything about you exactly, without any manipulations and filters. Thus the term true friend.

Friends as such will make fun of you till the hilt. There might be occasions when you feel like taking a shotgun and pinning them down. Sometimes you might plot their murder in your mind and the ending will bring a smile on your face.
But remember that at times of happiness, they will be the ones whom you would want to share it with first. These people will always be the ones to be around you at times of sadness. They will share this burden, give you advice, become a shield for you to be protected. They will always help you no matter what the situation is.
In the end, these are the people who often end up as our motivators.
They want just you and your attention. They crave for nothing more materialistic.

Thus No matter how good or bad you are as a person, if you have many true Friends then I must say that you are one gem of a person!

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Hurt Somebody

To Hurt Somebody – A shitty feeling!

Ever imagined how many people we hurt sometimes? It might have been intentional, unintentional, or influenced. Whatever be the type, the result is the same… A lot of negative energy joining hands with a broken heart which results in a person sulking or planning revenge.

I speak of this with such conviction as many times I have been a Victim and sometimes the Instigator.

When I’ve been the VICTIM, its the usual; feeling sad, replaying the event ( which according to me is the worst thing an individual can torture himself to), thinking of how I could have ended the spat. Thinking of evil plans sometimes to get back at him/her, etc.

When I’ve been the CULPRIT, I really tend to lose it, and the opposite person has it from me. It’s like a wave of anger for no reason. Maybe that person didn’t get my notebook but I’ll shout at him like he murdered my family. Sounds too vague right?

But that’s how some of us behave. And then comes the next stage for us I.e. the time of GUILT.

After I shout at people for hardly a reason worth shouting, I feel terrible like a heartless stone-cold monster. That feeling kills me and never gets me to peace. All that I think then is forgiveness. I know it won’t change things as “Words once spoken can never be taken back”.

But by apologizing, there would be a certain level of peace and content.
Thus it’s really good to be patient as being calm will always help. Saying a sorry would never make u feel like a small guy or as a person accepting defeat.

Thus it’s better many a times to forgive and forget as Holding on to a thought keeps hurting you in every interval of your precious life!

Hence if you wish to hurt someone, please take a step back and think.

See the situation from their angle and then accordingly take action.

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Here are my past posts for the A to Z Challenge