Kofuku – Happiness has a new name!


Which is also called as “greetings” is how we were greeted while entering Kofuku. Also called as “Happiness” in Japanese, Kofuku aims at spreading happiness through its scrumptious food.

You are bound to be transported to all your memories of television shows and movies that display how a restaurant styled in Japanese is. Kofuku has two types of seating; One with your basic tables and chairs. The second one is the Japanese traditional “Izakaya” sitting where you sit on the floor. It’s quite a good feeling and very intimate too.

Kofuku has an amazing staff and we were treated well by the Manager “Rajesh”. We got help from one of the staff named “Roger” to choose the best options Kofuku has to serve.

Here’s what we began our meal with;

Pomegranate lemonade and Dark Berry – These two mocktails lived to its name and tasted exactly like it should. We liked them.

Kofuku in general is known for their amazing sushi options. We tried 2 varieties of sushi here and this is what we felt;

Oh My God Sushi – Also called as the flaming sushi, this one has my favorite sushi combination of all time i.e. Cream cheese, salmon and Avocado. I always would make it a point to try out this combination anywhere I visit. Here too, the sushi was amazing. Drizzled with creamy spicy and sweet sauce, you are bound to declare your unconditional love back to sushi. Served with sweet sour and salty soy dip, wasabi and pickled ginger, my mouth salivates as I remember the meal from last night.

Prawns Tempura Sushi – Another revelation in recent times has been the prawns tempura. I am not fond of prawns but when it comes to sushi, I can’t let go of this option. This is supposed to be a crispy sushi along with their creamy spicy and sweet sauce. Yes, the crispy quotient was not fully up to the mark but it indeed was a good choice. Again this was served with their sweet sour and salty soy dip, wasabi and pickled ginger. The strength of the wasabi is indeed strong. Eat wisely.

Chicken Yakitori: “Roger” suggested we take an appetizer instead of a third sushi. Although we were not sure with that, we are glad he helped us choose this. Here you have grilled Chicken pieces which are placed on skewers and are glazed with sweet spicy Yakitori sauce. This one is more on the sweeter side and the meat is cooked well. I would suggest you opt for this only if you prefer sweetness in your meal.

Kofuku Balinese curry in yellow coconut flavor: This is one of the three “Chef’s curry specials” available in Kofuku. As the name suggests, this curry has a lot of coconut in it. Cooked well, balanced taste, amazing texture, thick curry goes so well with the boneless chicken chunks. Being a Mangalorean, I have always seen coconut being mixed in our curries. I love them and hence when I tried this chef’s special, it felt like home.

Teppanyaki fried rice – This one was suggested by Roger too. He said, the traditional Balinese curry would go well with the traditional Japanese fried rice with egg and veggies. So we did try this and yes, this sticky rice does go well with the curry. I must say, the bowl which they served the rice in was really cute.

Mochi Ice cream – Finally to end this scrumptious meal, we opted for a traditional Japanese dessert. They had many other options and we took one which had no chocolate. Here they have pounded sticky rice with two separate ice cream fillings of Vanilla & Mango. I must give them credit for the ┬ápresentation of this dessert as they make this look like a fruit cut in 4 pieces.

In the end we left Kofuku with a very good meal experience. I’m sure you will too. Do visit them for an authentic meal experience.

Arigato! (Thank you)

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