Saturday Photohunt – ~Skies~

Today’s theme is “SKIES”

And i have 3 pictures in my mind.

Sorry, couldn’t choose one from the rest.

1)  Shrivardhan, India


Just looks like a mixture of colors spread on a canvas.

2) Karnala Bird Sanctuary, India


I happened to go for a trek and during one of the resting times, i lie down on my back, and just looked up. And what happened next is what you see.

3) Daman, India:


There indeed is nothing better than the plain old sky is it? The background is accompanied with boating, and the mixture is just so soothing.

Saturday Photohunt – ~Selfie~

Now, i really don’t have a good camera which just helps in explaining i don’t take good selfies.

The real reason being my hands are not still while i capture a moment.

Thus all photos end up in a blurred fashion.

This picture below was taken in Bandra with 3 of my dear ones, and man, it was a good selfie.


A moment to cherish…

A moment to remember.