Hurt Somebody

To Hurt Somebody – A shitty feeling!

Ever imagined how many people we hurt sometimes? It might have been intentional, unintentional, or influenced. Whatever be the type, the result is the same… A lot of negative energy joining hands with a broken heart which results in a person sulking or planning revenge.

I speak of this with such conviction as many times I have been a Victim and sometimes the Instigator.

When I’ve been the VICTIM, its the usual; feeling sad, replaying the event ( which according to me is the worst thing an individual can torture himself to), thinking of how I could have ended the spat. Thinking of evil plans sometimes to get back at him/her, etc.

When I’ve been the CULPRIT, I really tend to lose it, and the opposite person has it from me. It’s like a wave of anger for no reason. Maybe that person didn’t get my notebook but I’ll shout at him like he murdered my family. Sounds too vague right?

But that’s how some of us behave. And then comes the next stage for us I.e. the time of GUILT.

After I shout at people for hardly a reason worth shouting, I feel terrible like a heartless stone-cold monster. That feeling kills me and never gets me to peace. All that I think then is forgiveness. I know it won’t change things as “Words once spoken can never be taken back”.

But by apologizing, there would be a certain level of peace and content.
Thus it’s really good to be patient as being calm will always help. Saying a sorry would never make u feel like a small guy or as a person accepting defeat.

Thus it’s better many a times to forgive and forget as Holding on to a thought keeps hurting you in every interval of your precious life!

Hence if you wish to hurt someone, please take a step back and think.

See the situation from their angle and then accordingly take action.

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Republic Day Free bus ride

The FREE bus ride on Republic day in Mumbai

The 26th January Republic Day happened to be on a Sunday. For every working professional, student it was a day of gratitude but also to frown. This is because an extra holiday got wasted. National holidays must come on a weekday, right? At least we would get an off and that day would be more special for us.

Ok, coming back to the topic, since the Republic Day fell on a Sunday, I have this habit since the past 3-4 years to go to Bandra Kurla complex and play soccer with my buddies. It’s usually far from my place in Andheri, but the love for this sport pulls me there.
I had a gala time playing, so after we were done, I waited for a Bus to take me to the station. The bus was the same, but I happened to notice balloons inside of the three colors of the flag. I just got in, and then to my shock was informed that every bus with the balloons was supplying free rides for the day!

Wow… I know its hardly something, but it just got a wide smile on my face!!
I made it known to my friends who were happy too. Above is a pic of the special bus I was in Republic Day.

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Here are my past posts for the A to Z Challenge

Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar – The best place for Shopping in India!!

Big Bazaar… (26TH January Republic Day Special)

This phenomenon brought forward by the Future group has taken India like a tsunami wipes out everything on its way!!
They get a range of products right from retail to FMCG…
They claim to offer products at the cheapest cost in Mumbai, thus their tagline, “Isse sasta aur koi nahi

Big Bazaar a never-ending customer base. But recently many competitors have been appearing in the market, thus eating up their market share.
So they came up with an idea.
Every now & then they come up with 3 back to back days of “Sabse saste din” meaning the cheapest 3 days.

I must tell you the crowd during these 3 days is too much to be true.. this place can itself be called a overpopulated city.
 The morning bell rings at 9.30 am.
After the ring, the people run like its a war, only the fittest survive.

I entered Big Bazaar at 10 am.
My first word, WHOAAA. the crowd was too much already for the security to handle. They use their whistles to the utmost utility as they try to signal the crowd to keep the flow! I pity the staff too, so many people asking a range of questions.. I would have been fed up with it in an hour’s time!

All in all.. if you wanna know how Mumbai feels like, do enter this place during the mega sale!! You’ll get a good feel..!!
& since its republic day, that means a national holiday, I wish you the best of luck if you plan to go today..!!

On any day of the year, Big Bazaar will help you shop reasonably within a budget. Big Bazaar near me is available in Mumbai, Pune, Chembur, Worli & Kalyan.

Can I order online from Big Bazaar?

Yes, you can! All you have to do is visit their website – BIG BAZAAR and follow the instructions. Find out if they are delivering in your area!

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Here are my past posts for the A to Z Challenge