Sidney Sheldon – Are You Afraid Of The Dark?


I have to be honest here.

The start of this book, is by far the best i have ever witnessed.

4 murders take place in different parts of the world.

All 4 are brilliant scientists, working for a think-tank called “Kingsley International Group”

Also known as KIG.

The murders are made to look like suicides.

The widows of two of the deceased scientists, come to find the answer from KIG’s half owner, Mr.Tanner Kingsley.

The other owner is Andrew Kingsley. He is Tanner’s older brother.

Due to a failed lab experiment, he loses all his wit, intelligence, he can’t even remember for what did he win the Nobel prize.

Andrew is a nice guy, who wants to help the world of people who don’t have as much facilities as the U.S.

Tanner on the other hand is interested in ruling the world, and making more money!

Anyways, coming back to the scene where the widows, Kelly & Diane speaking to Tanner,

The man appears to be empathetic and tells the ladies everything that he knows.

he assures them of answers which he is trying to find out, as its not the first time, it has happened.

There were 2 murders prior to this , both of brilliant scientists well associated with KIG & were shown as suicides.

The 2 widows, then start investigations to their own, oblivious to the fact that they are on the cross-heir of the killer.

They have no guns, no armory, but only their Wit.

With that they avoid many attacks which are made to put them to death.

Mid-way they seem to realize that the killer seems to know each of their steps.

They finally get to know who he is.

Tanner Kingsley!!!

The guy with so much powers, has thugs working for him, that too professional in their work.

The guy has state of the art technology.

They can’t even do a telephone call, because his voice recognition device will catch hold of their location.

They can’t even do as much of a Google search!!

They find ways and means to find out the actual reason why their husbands and others were killed.

They finally get the answer.

Kingsley had created something which would make him the GOD of the new world…

What happens next forms the crux of the story, with a mysterious guy finishing Tanner Kingsley forever!!

They guy being Tanner’s older brother Andrew.

He didn’t know much, but had created the machine itself.

He knew what his brother’s intentions were and thus made it a point that he ends the story himself.

This story is a must read for every mystery lover!!

My Rating – 4/5

The Secret – Rhonda Byrne Book Review

The SecretByRhonda Byrne is a book and a movie which is based on the adaption!!!

Read by over millions of people and reviewed by thousands, this book is an eye opener for every one who believes that “you get what you wish for”

I happened to read this book and watched the movie too..!!

My review is that its an eye opener for me too!!

The fact that the Universe makes sure to give things to people who are positive and who have a strong belief that one day their wishes will be granted..!!

In the movie, they show a guy who had once cut out a picture of a lavish villa beach-facing in another state.

10-20 years later when he is in his new villa, he happens to clean out his old stuff where he finds the same picture of the villa he purchased..!!

Ironic isn’t it..

What you want, can be yours.. all you need to do is walk towards that direction.. the universe will pave the way for you!!

The book shows different viewpoints of different people from different age groups, caste, sex, race etc

Thus making this concept a real thing..

Its named “The secret” as everyone doesn’t know about this…

If they did, then god knows what would have happened to this world..!!!

But, only with a perfect mindset, clear defined goals, your wishes can come true!!

The secret according to me is that the power is within you!!

Only you can mold that power and get what you want..!!

Thus, if you haven’t read this, i would suggest you do it right away..!!

Do watch the movie too if you do not have time for the book..!!

Because the message delivered in the movie and book is the same.

You want something, then believe in it, believe that you can and you will achieve it.

No one will be able to stop you from achieving success!

My rating 4.5/5

Here are some quotes from the book..

1) “You become what you think about most.. But you also attract what you think about most.”

2) “There is a truth deep down inside of you that has been waiting for you to discover it, and that truth is this: you deserve all good things life has to offer.”

3) “Your power is in your thoughts, so stay awake. In other words, remember to remember.”

4) “The truth is that the universe has been answering you all of your life, but you cannot receive the answers unless you are awake.”

This last quote is what I’ve been trying to emphasize on in this post..!!

The secret is in us!!

We have to find it ourselves..!!

Nora Roberts – Key of Light (#key trilogy part 1)


Book review:

The Key of Light by Nora Roberts!!

Just finished reading this book some weeks back !!!!

Nora Roberts has yet again surpassed my expectations!!

She just has her way with trilogies..

a solid foundation has been laid for the next 2 books…

A gist of this book:

Its a magical and mystery adventure where 3 girls are told a story about 3 goddesses whose souls are locked since 3000 years..

Only mortal women can bring them back to life!!

These 3 have never met each other in their lifetime, also it so happens that their face resembles the 3 daughters!!

They are given 4 weeks each to unlock a key for each soul…

All have to succeed in order at the given time!!

If one of them fails, then those poor souls will be locked in for another century until another set of  get a chance to free them.

Now, they get startled due to the time frame they have.

The prize for winning would give them lots of money, enough to pursue their dreams, but with every added incentive comes an added responsibility.

Here, these 3 will try to be the Heroes for the innocent souls locked and bound from ages.

But every story has a villain!!

Here its Kane – the bad sorcerer who had locked these souls through his power!!

What will happen.. will they unlock the key without being hurt??

Will Kane weave his magic and win?

So, in order to find out, do read this book..

My rating – 5/5