ABC Wednesday – B is for Baryphonic

B is for Baryphonic which means having difficulty whilst speaking.

There are 2 ways of using this word.

One would be for people who find it difficult to speak properly; the hindrance being stammering etc.

The other would be when there are other factors that make it tough for a person to speak with ease.

I’d like to focus my attention on the latter.

We all know that a person who speaks with ease is most likely a person who has confidence in what he or she says. On the other hand there are people who stutter, who do “Ummm…maybe… hmmm” and that’s where they get perceived as people who aren’t confident enough to speak. It also looks like they’re making up a story to hide the truth.

Isn’t it possible that they’re just too scared sometimes of the audience? Maybe in a suitable environment with lesser audience or in writing, they’d pass on the message quite clearly. But when it would be needed at the very moment, they most likely fail to deliver.

This is something that has got my attention. I know a few friends of mine who are bright andSo is this their fault? Or just sheer confidence issues? Or maybe who knows… no reason?

Smart. They can do a lot of things. But when it comes to put those actions to words, they just don’t live up to the mark. This doesn’t mean that they have failed as individuals. They are successful, they are growing. But I know that maybe, just a slight maybe that if they could speak with ease, with a free mind & with oodles of confidence, they’d be even better at what they’re doing. That’s my belief.

So I would like to leave this thought to you with 2 questions.

1) Do you agree with my view?

2) Do you think that the person realizes that not speaking with ease is affecting his/her growth? What do you think they can do about this?

I’ll be glad if you’ll can answer these 2 questions above for me.

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