V is for Veneniferous – A to Z Challenge 2017

V is for Veneniferous which means carrying poison.

Are you the kind of person who spread love or poison?

Firstly, I prefer positive over being negative.

While you think it’s quite obvious, it’s not.

Being positive in the world we live in is really tough.

There’s so many barriers, hardships, heartbreaks, disappointments and arguments.

So being positive post all this is really tough.

Also, once we’re positive enough to deal with our own business, there are few who cannot take that.

They have a lot of poison in their lives.

Maybe their jealous or angry that you have what they don’t have.

Now don’t mistake it for materialistic things. Not money, not property, but HAPPINESS.

You are happy. You are doing good in life.

Probably you’ve had your share of problems but you’re past that.

Although this sounds good enough, there will always be snakes on every turn to poison your thoughts and to get you down.

I know what they can be capable of. Hence I’m lucky to have few friends and family who’re there with me through thick and thin.

If they’re there with me, I can deal with all these Veneniferous folks!

Have you ever had such an encounter with a Veneniferous person?

That’s all for today!

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