U is for Urticant – A to Z Challenge 2017

U is for Urticant which means irritating.

Firstly, have you ever irritated anyone ever in your lifetime?

Probably you might not tell divulge any details about that, right?

While I do like to be understanding and calm sometimes, to irritate people also becomes a pass time for me.

By irritating I mean pulling their leg, not letting them work when there’s a deadline, telling them they look hideous when they ask about their new dress/shoes etc.

Of course, I do this in good jest. The ones I am mean with know that I’m just pulling their leg.

But here comes the trick side. I might not know when their feelings get hurt or when I say something which they might not like!

Hence I carefully be irritating! (that sounds funny on any level)

I have to choose my words and then speak!

Quite a funny life eh?

What about you? Have you ever been irritating to anyone ever?

That’s all for today!

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