T is for Talionic – A to Z Challenge 2018

T is for Talionic which means retributive.

We have been retributive a lot lately. By that I mean like for like and hate for hate. Being a blogger, you tend to learn this term very quickly. I don’t mean this in a bad way. It’s the use of it that irritates me. There’s even a hash tag for it. (Guilty – I too have used this at some point to get more likes and followers on Instagram). But that was a long time ago and I’m way past that. I like my work and have put it up on display for the world to see. I’m ready for the appreciation and criticism. But I’m not game for the like for like deal. When I browse through blogs or some Instagram profiles I like, I follow them. It doesn’t matter if they don’t follow me as I’m a firm believer of “Good content will always attract the right audience”.

While this is just one aspect, there is something else I want to get to your attention. Like Instagram, we also follow the “like for like” and “hate for hate” in our daily lives. While you might deny it, give it a thought. Every time someone says something nice to us, we sometimes like to return that favour back to them or someone else. Change the scenario to something with hate and that escalates quickly. Yes, if someone says something bad about you, you definitely return that favour. Sometimes, the effort you put in to return that hate is more than needed but you still do it. That talionic feeling keeps increasing like lava inside a volcano waiting to erupt. It’s not wrong. Who likes listening to something bad about themselves?

But there’s one thing you can do about it. Listen and Avoid. You can listen to what they have to say. It might be harsh and offensive but only you can decide how much it should affect you. If you think closely about what has been said and think it can be true, then work on yourself and try to be a better person. If you think it’s wrong and they have judged you totally out of proportion then simply avoid it. To conclude, just remember it’s very tough to change views what people have against you. So don’t waste your time on them and use that time in getting better.

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

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