Since the early years of independence till present, India’s growth more or less depended on the rains. Why so? It’s simple. No rains mean no crops mean no food means no productivity. India is known as an agricultural nation and the farmers play a far more important role to make sure there is food for everyone. So when there is abundance in terms of rain, there will be a good and fruitful season. If not, then it gets tough… really tough.

The movie begins with the narrator mentioning how shortage of rainfall had affected India and its growth. Many industries and sectors were hit by this shortage. Due to not meeting the sales requirements, many lost jobs. Our country had reached on the brink of recession and unemployment was at its peak.

People in the city of Bhopal too were affected by this shortcoming. Then arrived Union Carbide Corporation (UCC). This was an institution developed in the early 20’s which dealt with chemicals. When it arrived in Bhopal, the people saw it as a ray of hope, a bane which will help them claw out from the jaws of unemployment, poverty etc. UCC in the movie too came here due to a multiple of reasons which involved cheap labor, subsidies, less cost in operations etc. An awful lot of people got jobs and were paid decent wages. Residents of Bhopal thought times would change. They set up their camp right in the middle of slums and other dwellers.

The story then progresses with the lives of 2 villagers who work for Union Carbide i.e. “Dilip” portrayed by Mr.Rajpal Yadav and “Rakesh” by Mr.Om Prakash. Both want to make it big in life and provide their family a secure future. They are hard working, willing to learn and are least fussy. Rakesh complains of chest pain to his superior who dejects his plea about the chemicals being harmful by asking Rakesh to stop his smoking habits.

The story then brings in the most inspiring and interesting character i.e. “Motwani” portrayed by Mr.Kal Penn. He has his own newspaper press. He has often heard the residents nearby the carbide plant complaining of stench in the air almost every night resulting in them waking up and sometimes even choking. Thus he hunts for proof and news about carbide being harmful for the nearby residents and their life. So it’s natural that he is hated amongst his own crowd. They think he wants to kill their only source of livelihood.

The chemical MIC is something which if not handled carefully can wreck havoc at a large scale. The safety adviser “Mr. Roy” portrayed by Mr. Joy Sengupta time and time again keeps telling the workers about the safety they have to ensure for everyone’s life. He often complains about a lot of things like not having on board, another supervisor as one person cannot run around the entire facility alone.

Then comes “Warren Anderson” portrayed by Mr.Martin Sheen who is the chairman of Union Carbide Corporation. He wants to build a better corporation and also help the laborers succeed.

These characters have honored their role and have portrayed the exact nature of this tragic event.

The movie has exposed a lot of negligence on the part of both the parties i.e. the UCC and even to some point… the laborers.

A chain of events are responsible for what happened that fateful night. I won’t tell you what or who was responsible. I would want you guys to check this movie and then come out with your understanding.

There are many questions unanswered yet…

Why was there no extra safety standards?

Why such negligence?

Does cost cutting come at the price of many laborers?

Were there faulty/cheap machines in the factory?

Is this just one person’s mistake or a collective effort?

But there is just one answer to all of these questions.

People died.

The ones who worked at the factory.

The ones who were celebrating an event.

The ones who were watching TV.

The ones… who did not deserve a death as such.

They had no fault, but paid the price eventually. No one can imagine what those people living nearby went through. Even today there are people still affected with the chemical and are either diagnosed with diseases or are paralyzed or have respiratory issues.

No compensation can make it right for them.

I am highly satisfied with the work of the Director “Mr.Ravi Kumar”. He has done his due diligence well.

I also thank Indiblogger for giving me this opportunity to watch and relive this event.

This movie is an experience which signifies the importance of safety and life.

It is indeed a must watch.

Here’s the trailer.

The entire cast and synopsis on IMDB:

Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain Cast

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The SecretByRhonda Byrne is a book and a movie which is based on the adaption!!!

Read by over millions of people and reviewed by thousands, this book is an eye opener for every one who believes that “you get what you wish for”

I happened to read this book and watched the movie too..!!

My review is that its an eye opener for me too!!

The fact that the Universe makes sure to give things to people who are positive and who have a strong belief that one day their wishes will be granted..!!

In the movie, they show a guy who had once cut out a picture of a lavish villa beach-facing in another state.

10-20 years later when he is in his new villa, he happens to clean out his old stuff where he finds the same picture of the villa he purchased..!!

Ironic isn’t it..

What you want, can be yours.. all you need to do is walk towards that direction.. the universe will pave the way for you!!

The book shows different viewpoints of different people from different age groups, caste, sex, race etc

Thus making this concept a real thing..

Its named “The secret” as everyone doesn’t know about this…

If they did, then god knows what would have happened to this world..!!!

But, only with a perfect mindset, clear defined goals, your wishes can come true!!

The secret according to me is that the power is within you!!

Only you can mold that power and get what you want..!!

Thus, if you haven’t read this, i would suggest you do it right away..!!

Do watch the movie too if you do not have time for the book..!!

Because the message delivered in the movie and book is the same.

You want something, then believe in it, believe that you can and you will achieve it.

No one will be able to stop you from achieving success!

My rating 4.5/5

Here are some quotes from the book..

1) “You become what you think about most.. But you also attract what you think about most.”

2) “There is a truth deep down inside of you that has been waiting for you to discover it, and that truth is this: you deserve all good things life has to offer.”

3) “Your power is in your thoughts, so stay awake. In other words, remember to remember.”

4) “The truth is that the universe has been answering you all of your life, but you cannot receive the answers unless you are awake.”

This last quote is what I’ve been trying to emphasize on in this post..!!

The secret is in us!!

We have to find it ourselves..!!

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