The SecretByRhonda Byrne is a book and a movie which is based on the adaption!!!

Read by over millions of people and reviewed by thousands, this book is an eye opener for every one who believes that “you get what you wish for”

I happened to read this book and watched the movie too..!!

My review is that its an eye opener for me too!!

The fact that the Universe makes sure to give things to people who are positive and who have a strong belief that one day their wishes will be granted..!!

In the movie, they show a guy who had once cut out a picture of a lavish villa beach-facing in another state.

10-20 years later when he is in his new villa, he happens to clean out his old stuff where he finds the same picture of the villa he purchased..!!

Ironic isn’t it..

What you want, can be yours.. all you need to do is walk towards that direction.. the universe will pave the way for you!!

The book shows different viewpoints of different people from different age groups, caste, sex, race etc

Thus making this concept a real thing..

Its named “The secret” as everyone doesn’t know about this…

If they did, then god knows what would have happened to this world..!!!

But, only with a perfect mindset, clear defined goals, your wishes can come true!!

The secret according to me is that the power is within you!!

Only you can mold that power and get what you want..!!

Thus, if you haven’t read this, i would suggest you do it right away..!!

Do watch the movie too if you do not have time for the book..!!

Because the message delivered in the movie and book is the same.

You want something, then believe in it, believe that you can and you will achieve it.

No one will be able to stop you from achieving success!

My rating 4.5/5

Here are some quotes from the book..

1) “You become what you think about most.. But you also attract what you think about most.”

2) “There is a truth deep down inside of you that has been waiting for you to discover it, and that truth is this: you deserve all good things life has to offer.”

3) “Your power is in your thoughts, so stay awake. In other words, remember to remember.”

4) “The truth is that the universe has been answering you all of your life, but you cannot receive the answers unless you are awake.”

This last quote is what I’ve been trying to emphasize on in this post..!!

The secret is in us!!

We have to find it ourselves..!!

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What would our library look like?

I’m saying ours because we are readers. United by the same thoughts!
Hmm, I’m browsing through some Google images. Let’s find our library.

Nope. Not a chance…
No seats!!
It’s clean but still, No seats!!
Looks decent,
Lot of shelves,
Lots of seats,
No people.
Damn it!!
This one?

I know the concept is not used completely here, but if I had a dream library for us, it would be like a complete human library!
Now, we all go to the library for one purpose, Books!
So like every other library, Ours would provide many genres of books.
Every genre will have its specific room, with a discussion table.
The discussion will take place every week.
With contests, gatherings, we can gain lot of knowledge of new books, authors, some fine works etc.
Also, when we read books, it so happens that we come across lines, chapters we don’t understand.
We go online and check it out.
Why search somewhere else when we have our own forum.
Our library will have its own forum, with questions asked by readers, and also answered by readers.
Cool isn’t it?
Also our library will have author of the month and discounts on his works!
Book signings will be a regular feature with not only best sellers from abroad, but also our local authors.
Giving them the exposure will bring in more fan base for them.
So these are my thoughts.
Hope u like em!
Note:The images have been taken from Google 🙂
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The Dolphin Song..

This story is well written in a language which can be understood by the CHILD within us!!

A book filled with a child’s innocence, thoughts which can weave wonders, belief so powerful, and love so unconditional.

I had a look at this book in my college library.

There was a picture of a dolphin and behind it, the dreaded ocean where its life was uncertain. That was enough to get me curious & the next thing you know, i started reading it.

The cast of the book is as follows:

Martine – A special child with healing powers

Gwen Thomas – Her grand-mother

Grace , Tendai – Her well-wishers

& some school friends.

My Synopsis:

It all began in the first book, when she fulfilled the prophecy of being the animal healer.

The prophecy stated that a young child who will successfully ride the white giraffe JEMMY will be the one who will help animals.

She did that, and thus was known as the special child, the chosen one!

The story continues in the form of a “Sardine run” which Martine and her school friends are going to witness.

While on voyage, she happens to see a herd of dolphins.

They seem to be telling her something, but she can’t understand.

Maybe it was a warning of things to come, and guess what.. the next hour brought a violent storm and a broken fence meant a set of kids got trapped in the ocean, left to die in the darkness.

The kids knew that the ocean has predators in form of sharks, but they also knew from a previous school visit that sharks can survive on plankton and they don’t eat humans unless they consider it as a threat.

Out of nowhere, dolphins emerge and take the kids to a nearby island.

They name each dolphin a unique name based on some feature which makes every dolphin unique.

The island is isolated, humanity is extinct and the kids at such a tender age start to fend for their survival.

One fine day, they spot 21 dolphins who drag themselves to the sand, to die.

The kids have no much strength, but a heart of gold.They take turns, keep them in living condition until the waves take them away.

They do help 20 but one old dolphin kept coming back.

It died but threw out a steel cable out of her mouth. the kids start wondering, where did the cable come from? Who is behind all this? Why are the dolphins ready to die? Is something apart from sharks so dangerous that they prefer to suicide.?

The rest of the plot covers all the answers to the above questions.

The climax of this book results in,

The kids saving the day with full courage.

The kids returning a favor towards the dolphins.

The strengthening of friendship between all kids which didn’t exist prior to the trip.

& finally the dolphins.

I would like to complete this review with one quote from the book which was too overwhelming.

“The thing about dolphins is,  you always seem to smile when you look at em”

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