T is for Tacenda and Tardigrade

T is for Tacenda which means things not to be mentioned.


This word is dedicated to everyone. There’s always that 1% of your life which you would never ever mention to anyone OR at least to a few people you wouldn’t confess those things.

I remember that when we in college, how many times we might have lied to our parents and bunked. When asking for a leave either someone was critical in the hospital, someone got married or someone just died.

Once a friend of mine was thinking whom he will have to pronounce as dead so that his boss would grant him leave for 5 days. The joke was that when we all were chilling by the pool, his boss called him and had asked him to get a “death certificate copy”. That was one heck of a vacation.


T is for Tardigrade which means slow-paced.

This post is dedicated to all the slow learners.

This fast paced life, the rat race has made it tough for everyone. But for the people who take time to grasp something, its hell.
So much so, that we all have forgotten to give more emphasis on learning. Rather we would want the process to continue at a fast pace.

This report must be completed within 20 minutes and that presentation must be done in 2 hours etc.
The emphasis is given more on time rather than the fact that what learning would we get by that file being completed. For a slow learner, life would be like living wearing shackles.

You think I’m right or is there another view for slow learners?

Image source - dnaindia.com
Image source – dnaindia.com


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