Sky Watch Friday – Different Shades ( Monsoon Special)

On any given monsoon day, the sky offers different shades of itself.

It can be; Light, Plain, Dark, Hazy etc.

Anyway, on one of these days I got to notice 2 different shades of the sky within a span of a few minutes.

Although people usually start with searching for their umbrellas/raincoats when the sky turns dark, I search for my smartphone to capture the image of the sky in all it’s might.

Also, it’s funny how we search for moments to capture on our cameras when there’s the sky who’s posing all the time.

Seems like we should give it more attention, right?

I like to give the sky more attention because I like to.

What about you?

What’s a moment you would like to capture everyday or week?


Finally, this post is written as part of the Sky Watch Friday theme.

Also, for more pictures from this theme, CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to see more of my entries for this lovely theme.

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