Q is for Quicquidlibet – A to Z Challenge 2017

Q is for Quicquidlibet which means whatever one pleases.

When was the last time you just did what your heart wanted to?

Firstly, we are brain wired in such a way that we work, earn, save, spend and then repeat.

Although, sometimes we just want to skip few of the above steps.

Maybe we want to just eat, sleep and repeat.

Probably, work, earn, spend and repeat.

Because money is the root cause of everything, we just have to work for it so we can spend.

But there’s also a time when you just want to do what you want.

While there’s a weekend for doing that, folks with responsibilities don’t get to choose their own time.

Much as they’d like, it’s not possible at all to do whatever they please.

So for crying out loud, I hope they do get to do whatever they please at least once a fortnight.

I wish that for them!

That’s all for today!

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