P is for Pantomnesia – A to Z Challenge 2017

P is for Pantomnesia which means remembrance of everything ever learned.

Do you remember everything you’ve ever learned? Do you remember at least 75% of it?

I’ll tell you how much I can remember!

Firstly, I like learning. New concepts, different news etc and I can do that all the time.

Although I would also like to get it to your attention that since the past few years my rate of retention is decreasing.

Probably I can retain concepts and few matters close to my heart. Rest are lost in the black hole of my mind!

I cannot remember what people tell me 2 days ago. Seems like something’s up with me.

While I’d like to debate about all this, it’s kind of tough to memorize all what you’ve learned right?

In conclusion, I’d like to ask you guys if you’ll can remember over 75% of what you’ve learned? Or If you know of anyone who almost remembers everything they have ever learned.


That’s all for today!

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