French Fries - List of Top places near me - A to Z Challenge 2020

French Fries! There are so many one-liners I can share on this:

  • Lots of Exercise? I thought you said lots of extra fries!
  • I speak only French (fries)!!
  • My favorite day of the week is Fry-Day!
  • Your French fries are simply my French fries on the wrong plate.
  • And finally, you’re the ketchup to my fries!

The history of French fries dates back to the 16th century & is often disputed. Some say it originated in Belgium and some say in France. No matter what the reality is, on behalf of everyone, I’d like to thank you for giving us such an amazing food item.

Like eggs, French fries too can be had at any point of the day. You can pair it along with your burger, pizza, & even your main course! It just fits!

The thing about French fries is that you need to fry it right. If it’s overcooked, or undercooked you might either lose the taste or it might be too hard to chew! Thankfully I have been to places where these fries have melted my heart. It would be wrong if I didn’t share it with you guys!

Here are some of the best places I’ve tried French Fries:

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