N is for Nephogram and Numquid

N is for Nephogram which means photograph of clouds.


This word got a wide smile on my face.

I love clicking pictures of the sky filled with clouds.

The patterns, the faces, the randomness; I’m amazed by it.

Here’s few pictures clicked by me of the clouds!

Ain't this view Serene?
Ain’t this view Serene?






N is for Numquid which means an inquisitive person.

The meaning I’ll be using for this would be “”someone showing an interest in learning things”

I am inquisitive. I like learning about new things.

I believe that our minds get rusty if we don’t use it every day.

So I try reading; new concepts, new words and even stories or blogs.

It’s good to do that.

Not only reading, but taking up a new language too. Download the app duo-lingo and learn a new language on your smartphone!

You can take up classes in different art forms, dancing, a sport etc.

There’s so much to do. So don’t stay put. Be inquisitive.


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This post is written as a part of A-Z challenge 2016 where bloggers from all around the world will blog for the whole month, daily based on all the alphabets in chronological order.

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