La Liga beyond Real Madrid and Barcelona – Possible?

The La Liga began since 1929 with 10 teams. It was only in the 1997 season that 20 teams played in the league. With almost 9 decades of experience, the league should have been competitive. Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case. I say this looking at the results since the past 15 years. The results show only Real Madrid and Barcelona as winners and runner ups. Just imagine the plight of the league where 2 teams decide the fate of the title always. It’s not a good prospect for any player to join another team as the chances of winning reduce.

Yes, Valencia in 2003-04 and Atletico Madrid in 2013-14 did win the league but apart from that the remaining 13 seasons belonged to Barcelona and Real Madrid which brings us to question what is the league beyond these 2 powerhouses?

The answer to this is complicating. You can say money buys good players and hence the league can be won. But Atletico did it with pure talent and not money. Also, passion for the game always brings out the best in any team. The classic example for this is Leicester city who won the EPL in 2015-16 which was their first time since their 132 year history. Overall, there are just 3 teams who have been challenging for the top 4 finish like Valencia, Sevilla and Villareal. If they get some good talent and experienced players, they can surely pull off the invincible. For now, their intent only lies in champions league qualification which is not good for the league’s survival. Audience loves competition and the attendance will keep dropping if Madrid and Barcelona continue their streak. To conclude, the current La Liga is nothing beyond Real Madrid and Barcelona.

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  • Being a follower of football, I am glad to see your post…After watching this years World Cup and the surprises which it gave us, we can always hope for another surprise result in the La Liga!


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