K is for Kooky – A2Z Challenge 2019

Sheldon woke up as the alarm tone of a bell just kept on ringing. He just was too tired and didn’t feel positive but still had a smile on his face. He didn’t know why he was smiling.

He woke up and made breakfast without burning the bread or spilling the milk. He ironed his clothes and caught the bus on time. He never got that bus since the past month. Sheldon got to work on time and still was smiling.

Everyone in office was unexpectedly shocked but also happy to see him smile. He worked and chatted with many in office. He just didn’t realize when the clock moved to 6pm.

Sheldon left for home, still smiling and full of energy. He exercised, made dinner and caught up to that book which he always wanted to read. In a while, someone rang the bell outside. The bell rang continuously and it irked Sheldon. That’s when he woke up to the sound of his alarm with bells ringing.

Sheldon never realized how this could be a dream. But then, he smiled …again!

What just happened?

Our dreams sometimes are projections and wishes that we hope to fulfill. What you see in such a kooky dream might be a message, something unexpected or strange.

What could have been?

Maybe, you can think over your dream and decode the message yourself. If it can make you happy, then please work on fulfilling it.

This post is written as part of the annual A to Z Challenge where for each day of April (except Sundays) I shall write a post based on the letters part of 26 alphabets. 

I have been participating in this challenge since 2015. To read more of my posts from the “A to Z Challenge” CLICK HERE

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3 thoughts on “K is for Kooky – A2Z Challenge 2019”

  • Do we remember our dreams all the time? Smiling is great ..spreading a smile is what I believe in too and wish I had such dreams 🙂

  • I would be so annoyed if my dream was so mundane – especially when I then had to get up and actually go to work after dreaming it was done lol

  • Well I never got to ask you what you were dreaming that day…as you had a nasty smirk on your face…🤔!! But I just couldn’t resist that expression on your face!! 😈😈

    And I’m pretty sure yiuwoyou have done the same for me!!


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