I is for Iracundulous – A to Z Challenge 2017

I is for Iracundulous which means somewhat inclined to become angry.

First of all, for some of us to get angry, the other person doesn’t need to do anything.

While they continue breathing and existing, we can get angry.

Why, you may ask?

Because there is no such reason at all.

In addition, we will find ways and means to get angry in a normal day to day conversation too.

Consequently people get an image of us. Just talk to him normally and let him rant for a while. He just likes to get any for no good reason!

Would you like people to perceive you in that fashion?

I certainly don’t.

I too do not like talking normally and would like to remove different meanings off what people say.

But that’s in a funny way. Getting angry for no reason brings harm for all but the maximum chunk is for you.

The world’s a better place with smiles and not anger!

So in today’s world, Chill out!

That’s all for today!

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