Harishchandragad – Part 3

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Firstly i’d like to apologize to all those who read the first two parts. I know i kept y’all waiting. A LOT!

But here it is, the last part.. full of surprises.

After a painstaking climb and snoring at night, we woke up fresh for our last visit to the Konkan Kada point.
It was just a 25-30 minutes climb to the point.

We walked and then finally reached the place which everyone spoke about so much.
It was the far end of the mountain.

Since we reached there around 10 am, there was sunlight as usual. But the weather was pleasant and less humid.

Also, at the far end of the mountain you couldn’t see anything ahead or below, just a mixture of fog and clouds.

I dare you to take a leap of faith and jump.!!


That’s Yvonne with her favorite background.
Aaron trying to find the rainbow!

Now it’s time for the highlight.

It’s said that if you lay down to the very end of the mountain and look downwards, you can see clouds and a reflection of a circular rainbow.
Now what’s peculiar about this?
What if I told you that you can also see your shadow inside that circular rainbow?

I’m not kidding.
It’s the ultimate truth.
You can indeed see your shadow.
I even waved and got a response.
Unfortunately I could not capture that phenomena, but another friend managed to get me a snap of someone who did.

Here’s the image.


Finally after watching that rainbow and myself I was content.

We walked back to our tent, packed our stuff and walked back to the base village.
There was this tree which was exactly half submerged in the middle of the lake. The entire sight was a treat to anyone who witnessed it.

I did not capture that sight but am glad to have seen it.
Post that, we walked and it took us a couple of hours till we were on our way to the bus stop.

Upon waiting for the bus, I stumbled across a view so pleasant, I just had to capture.


All in all, i was content with this experience.

Yes, i did not expect so much of madness in this amazing journey, but it was perfect.

Here’s one group picture which we managed to click just on the end point of the trek.

Here’s the star cast from left to right: Aaron, Yvonne, Lance & Errol


I heard this line somewhere which I feel is indeed true;

“Travelling sets you free”

So tell me people,

Did you enjoy my 3 posts on Harishchandragad?

Which trip you took recently that you enjoyed the most?

Share it with me. I’d like to hear it.

Have a nice day folks!

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