Goa Diaries – 1

5 friends…

A journey…

Never ending moments of madness and thrill…

Lots and lots of memories…

Hundreds of pictures…

An array of emotions in those pics…


This is how I would sum up my trip to the one complete destination i.e. GOA.

It was always on my “to visit” list and finally on one useless day, 5 friends just verbally decided for a trip to GOA.

Yes, everyone plans verbally but nothing gets finalized. Here it was the complete opposite. Everything was planned well in advance.

I have so many things to talk about due to the array of emotions we displayed in hundreds of pictures clicked. So I’ll make this as a series where I’ll post a few pictures in a post and describe the emotions behind it.

Hope you’ll like it.

To begin with, here’s the cast of the GOA trip and some of the best pictures we have been a part of.



The Fantastic 5


Please notice the array of emotions here. Where some have their pearly whites in full shine mode, there are some who have plainly shown their displeasure in the best way known to me.


There is a lot of importance i gave to this picture. A fun fact; We traveled a lot i.e. like around 550 kms in 3 days. We thought it’s best to end our trip with an image alongside the bikes.

So far you’ve seen all 5 of us.

Later in this series, you’re going to see images which are funny, sad , tacky and sometimes… awesome!

Stay tuned for the next post.

Have a nice day.

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