Annual Parx Supercar Show 2015 – Part 1

Date – 10th January 2015

Place – Mahalakshmi Race Course, Mumbai


The 7th edition of the Parx supercar show lived up to its reputation. This annual congregation is a perfect time for all those owners with those mean envious machines. It’s that time of the year when they get those cars out of hiding and display it for everyone to feast their eyes. Car enthusiasts swear by this show and follow it like ardent disciples.

Forgive me, but I ain’t one of those enthusiasts. After the show maybe my perception did take a turn about. Those cars…. Woof….!!!

So many of them just lined up… but only for viewing. Even the scorching heat could not play spoilsport to the thousands that poured in.

My friend Dwitiy is an ardent fan himself and thus accompanying him and his DSLR, we headed towards the show.

Now honestly with so many people hovering around the barricades separating us from the cars, we had a tough time grabbing snapshots.

Blessed were the guys with the VIP pass for they had a near view and could click pictures of cars from better angles.

Anyways I just couldn’t stop myself from clicking some myself.

The quality won’t be that great so bear with me.

Also, forgive me for not knowing names of almost all cars.

Pictures are clicked using a Samsung S Duos accompanied by a 5 megapixel camera.

Well, this was lined up first and the rays of the sun almost gave it a shine which was nearly impossible not to notice!



Every line up almost looked like this. The only negative part being that due to the placement of the cars and the barricades, we could almost not get a good angle to click the second car in every line properly.


For some reason this reminded me of the game Need For Speed: Carbon..!!


This is just the perfect view. Tell me doesn’t this remind you of a race ready to roll? It reminded me of almost every car racing game I’ve ever played.


A car show without a vintage setting? Not a complete show then, right? Well after i checked out this beauty, i had nothing else on my mind apart from taking it for a spin!

These are the best I could come up with.

Let me know if ya’ll liked these clicks.

My next post will have pictures of mean machines i.e. vintage and modern motorcycles.

I’ll be uploading the next set of pictures soon!!

TATA BOLT – Car Review

Date – 4/01/2015    
Place – Inorbit Mall, Vashi
The mall was decently packed as you would expect it to be on any weekend. I and my friend cum blogger Dwitiy made it from Andheri all the way to Vashi all for one sight of the BOLT. After 1.5 hrs of gruesome train traveling, we made it in one piece. All we hoped was to find the car quickly.
And yes, it wasn’t tough to find it either. Right in the center of the mall was the “BOLT”. Many prospective buyers, bloggers were humming around the car like bees do. We joined in too. One of the “BOLT” team members helped us around with understanding the brains it took to create this car.

Here’s my review of this TATA creation.

My first view of the car from the front was the emoticon styling. If you look closely in the picture below it looks as though the fog lights are the eyes and there is a wide smile covering it which automatically gets a smile on your face. Like they say, the first impression always gives you extra brownie points.


Here are some features which give the BOLT its unique identity.
  1)  Boot Space:

This is the best thing I liked in the car. With such ample spacing, you can go for a good vacation without worrying of packing less anytime. 

   2)  Connect Next Touch Screen Infotainment By HARMAN™:

Now the BOLT also gives you a variety of features like Smartphone enabled navigation, Map-My-India™ and advanced voice command recognition. The double den music system not only looks simple and decent but also delivers great sound quality.

 3)  Generation next safety 9th Generation ABS by BOSCH™:

With advanced features solely created for your safety along with corner stability control and dual airbags your ride whether it’s on a bumpy road will do no harm to you.

 4) Space, Comfort and Adjustable Driver’s Seat:

The spacious interiors let you sink into bliss. You enjoy your ride even before you begin with the journey due to these comfortable rugby seats. They also have an additional feature for drivers of different heights i.e. adjustable driver seat which is mechanically operated with the lever provided aside the driver’s seat. This will make sure no driver has to be uncomfortable and can get a clear view to drive all the time.

The adjustable lever right beside the seat


Spacious seats

  5)  First time ever Multi Drive i.e. Sport / Eco / City:
Now for the first time you get to choose how you drive. Choose the “Sports mode” when you need the adrenaline rush of speed and power. Opt for the “Eco mode” for its exceptional means of fuel efficiency and finally the “City mode” for a perfect balance between the above two choices.

  6) Steering mounted controls:

The controls that are mounted on the steering make it easy for the user to answer emergency calls and also control the music system side by side.


   7) Revotron 1.2 Turbocharged MPFi Petrol engine:
This specific engine makes way for an exceptionally powerful driving experience along with the advanced multi point fuel injection system which gives huge power and is also light on your pocket in matters of fuel efficiency.

These are the features which define the BOLT.
TATA Motors has done an exceptional job in matters of designing with added features and not forgetting the main importance of safety. We have witnessed around “60 Million Cars” which were called back globally from many companies due to safety issues and glitches. TATA has taken the cue and now has done its bit.
The pricing is where they have to be very cautious.

Here’s me posing with the BOLT.
What a combo!!

All images used in this post are courtesy of my friend Dwitiy Revankar. Thanks a ton mate.
This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity via BlogAdda.



Safety Comes First

It was a lazy Sunday morning. Mr. Karan Mehta a businessman by profession went along with his usual duties in his house which involved reading the newspaper and then going for a morning walk. His son Raj wakes up with groggy eyes and yawns like there’s no tomorrow. Being a 15 year old teenager, he did not have much on his agenda actually. He still wakes up knowing that his father would spill water over him if he continues to act lazy. 
Raj freshened up and just switched on the Television. Mr. Mehta read his newspaper. Everything seemed to be normal. Until all hell broke loose. Mr. Mehta began with his ranting about yet another road accident. Raj was worried as he thought anytime his father’s head would burst like a volcano. He asked “Dad, what’s wrong?”
“Another accident… Damn it!!” was his reply. “Why can’t these people just wear a helmet? Why not drive safely? Is being cool and macho everything? And at what cost does this come to? A life… These idiots don’t know anything!!”
Within a few minutes of hyperventilating, Mr. Mehta calmed down by taking deep breaths until he felt good. Raj was puzzled and asked a question which then laid out for an interesting discussion. He asked, “Dad, what did you mean by drive safely?”
Here is the dialogue sequence.
Mr. Mehta – Son, how many times have you seen me get angry after reading a newspaper?
Raj – Almost every day, Dad.
Mr. Mehta – Do you know the reason why?
Raj – No… why?
Mr. Mehta – It’s because of these road accidents.
Raj – Really? I thought you just rant about anything and everything you see in the newspaper. Thank god for sports news which is always in the last section. I have no tension of shouting and getting angry for such news.
Mr. Mehta – Haha. Son, there are a lot more things than sports in life. Something as following rules, driving safely, saving people etc. Let me tell you a bit about the road accidents in our country.
Did you know that every 4 minutes in India there is a road accident? Almost every hour 15-16 guys like you lose their life for a hasty choice made. Around 400 people die every day which means an entire flight crashes every damn day of the week. Just imagine Raj… We own around 1% of the vehicles in the world. Yet we account for 10% of road accidents in the world. Isn’t this pathetic?
Raj – Dad, I’m astonished. How come so much happens and I’m unaware of these things. No wonder, everyday dozens die in newspapers and all they get is an article in newspapers and bulletins. Dad, can you tell me how can we improve this?
Mr. Mehta – Sure son. Let me tell you some tips we people can follow for a hassle free driving experience.  Fasten your seatbelt.
Raj – What?
Mr. Mehta – That’s the first rule. Did you know that many accidents have been less dangerous due to the driver putting on his seat belt thereby protecting him.
Raj – Wow. That’s great.
Mr. Mehta- Yes. Also we need to maintain a usual driving speed. Rushing too soon always makes us take hasty decisions. Hasty decisions are not always something you should bank on.
There are signals. People in our country do not follow them We in fact hurl abuses at those who stop their cars when the lights reach yellow. That’s bad. Following instructions is what we must do. Reaching 2 minutes late might win you a lot of ranting from your professor, but trust me you have saved your life by following safety protocol. That’s important.
Also, we have head lights and tail lights in our vehicles to give indications to the nearby vehicles about our movement. This is something which can avoid a major disaster at times.
Son, you listening right?
Raj – Yes Dad I am. You’ve been to the Gulf region too right? Is the experience the same there?
Mr. Mehta – Ahh. Yes son. Thanks for reminding me. You know there they have a 3-4 lane system there. Vehicles with different speed limits only can take one route. You cannot switch from a specific track. If you do, you are fined. There are routes made even for cyclists.
Raj – Wow, Dad when will this system be implemented in India.
Mr. Mehta – Son, it already is!
Raj – Whaaaat?
Mr. Mehta – Yes son. No one follows that here. That’s my point. There are tons of instructions which can help in road safety but what’s the use if we don’t follow the main rule i.e. to follow the instructions. We just want to be quick. We live in the fast lane. All we want is quickness. We can’t be slow. It kills us.
Raj – That’s a shame dad. Your pointers are too good. But no one listens here right?
Mr. Mehta – Yes son. Basically all we have to do is drive properly following the rules, and in that process not get killed by another driver’s rash intentions.
But in our country, we have to make sure that all cars around us are not into racing mode. One wrong turn and the effect can be disastrous. I am tired of looking at bloody pictures everyday of kids your age who don’t even wear a helmet. If they would, they would be alive. But it’s not always what happens.
Raj – Yes Dad. It’s a shame that youth like me are losing their life just for a moment of shine. They try a stunt, they die. They try to take sharp turns, they injure themselves. It’s disheartening to see them fall. Dad, what would you suggest to improve this event from not happening?
Mr. Mehta – Son I can only suggest. The laws are very strict, but still people continue to break laws. My suggestion here would be to assign a dozen traffic cops with good facilities to be at high danger prone areas. If we catch them once, the news will spread and hopefully danger will be evaded. 
Also, police personnel should jail repeat offenders and use social media to show the effects of not following the rules. The social world has taken us all in like a tsunami. Just imagine how would you like if the entire world gets to know that you have been jailed just for skipping a traffic signal? Wouldn’t that be disgraceful to you and your family? You would be the butt of all jokes for a long time.
Thus avoid all this. Just do a little bit for safety. Who knows, your actions might save someone’s life too. 
Raj – Dad that was a great speech. You surely can make a good leader.
Mr. Mehta – Haha, stop it now. Remember, what I told you today must not be forgotten. Pass the word around. Tell them the facts. Let them tell others too. Hopefully times will change.
Raj – I hope they do dad. I hope they do.
This post is written for Indiblogger and Nissan
The Nissan safety driving forum has been an integral part of Nissan in their quest of keeping road safety as the most important factor in terms of driving. They want to bring around a huge change in the mindset of the masses. This program began in 2012 and has by now visited over 7 states in India. This year nearly 6-7 states will witness this activity. Hopefully the whole of India should be completed by 2016. This mission of Nissan has helped stop a lot of accidents simply by motivating drivers all across our country to wear seat belts and ensure safety.
Their main aim is to reduce the fatalities cause by traffic accidents.
Visit their website for more info. Link – Nissan