Boss Baby – TV Series Review

What to expect this season:

The series continues from where the movie left off. Boss Baby now manages to be a boss at Baby corp working and also is a baby at the Templeton’s. This series now shifts to the daily life of Boss Baby where he tries to ensure that baby love in the neighbourhood is always on top. But he finds his nemesis in Bootsy Calico, a human raised by cats. His intentions are clear; Bring cat love with such a force that everyone begins to hate babies and adopt cats instead. The whole season is built on this war. Boss Baby has 2 field agents; Staci and Jimbo. Along with them and his brother Tim Templeton they find a worthy opponent in Bootsy Calico.

What I liked in the show:

It’s Simplicity. This show did not attempt anything superficial. The jokes were simple and so was the story. Nothing felt superhuman. They have successfully shown a baby pulling off certain tricks without making it look like it’s impossible to pull it off.

The storyline is well crafted. They managed to make a season which did not seem stretched out or which got over very quickly. It felt right and every episode was effective.

They maintained the same cast and made few new additions. This ensured that the connectivity with the audience is not lost.

What I didn’t like in the show:

In all honesty, I couldn’t find anything which I didn’t like in the show. It felt right. Maybe they could have added another partner who was aiming to be the new Boss Baby. The competition level would mean there would be hilarious results in each episode.

Where can you find it?

You can watch this show on Netflix. All the episodes of the first season are available there.


This is a feel good show which you can stream and enjoy. It brought a smile on my face and I’m sure it will bring a smile on your face too. Do watch this!

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