Arwa Farms – A Nature Friendly Destination

Imagine a place where you are standing still.

All that’s around you is greenery.

There are calm winds creating a soothing sound.

You do nothing but get immersed in this moment.

This moment is of nothingness.

Sometimes doing nothing is good.


Arwa farms is one such place which has all of the above. This is the brainchild of ace photographer Fawzan Husain, a photographer who has been in the corporate industry for almost 2 decades capturing moments commercially and also in Bollywood. He now has created a place that’s organic, nature friendly and perfect for those who like to unwind with a calm environment away from the city.

Capturing a moment of the man who himself is awaiting to click that perfect shot


The meaning of Arwa is “Pure”. As the name suggests, Arwa Farms is as pure of an environment you’re bound to feel in or around Mumbai. You can find this farm 15-20 minutes away from Dahanu Rd station. For Mumbaikars, this should not be more than a 2-3 hour drive away. On the first look, you can witness the house being made using the bare minimum of non nature friendly materials. Using bricks, wood and every other nature friendly material, this place has been created.


There are many rooms which can accommodate a group of 4-5 in a single room and also a separate room for couples. They have an open space on the ground floor and also on the first floor. Both the open spaces are amazing, windy and perfect for playing games, huddling up and sharing stories and also having a drink and enjoying your dinner.

Fawzan explaining how the manure is made!

The area of this farm totals to 7 acres. Yes, 7 long acres of greenery, plantation of lemongrass, dragon fruits and pineapple, different leaves which are good for your health and many more. The manure is created here on the farm and utilized for growing everything. Most of the food you get to try has been grown on the farm itself. Having unpolished food, salt, sugar etc was something I only experienced back in Mangalore. It was nostalgic for me to be here and remember my home town.

When someone will ask me, what’s the hot topic about this place that makes me visit it instantly; I would say “There is nothing here”. Only those who are like minded would not only understand but also rejoice to visit such a place. There is no air conditioning and television. The network connection fluctuates all the time. If you like to connect with nature minus technology and leisure, this is the place you ought to visit. My stay here was nothing less than exceptional. Fawzan was an amazing host. In the farm daily, you can find him with the workers helping around with the farming. His creation is a way of giving back to the nature and that’s what I adore. It takes a lot of passion and will to take so much effort.

To make a booking for stay;

Address – Arwa Farms, Chari Village Ashagad,
Near Hardik Farm, Dahanu Road, 401602
Contact – +91-9820298876 / +91-98202 70423
Cost – INR 1800/- person per day with complimentary breakfast (free for kids below 6 – check for availability while booking) 

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2 thoughts on “Arwa Farms – A Nature Friendly Destination”

  • This seems like a lovely place to stay! I’ve never had such an experience before and I think it would do me well to spend some time away from the city.
    [@samantha_rjsdr] from
    Whimsical Compass

    • Hey there. I must recommend this place to you. I sat for more than an hour at one spot where all i could see was greenery and calmness! It’s a very good sight and yes you will enjoy it. Plus it’s not more than a 3 hour drive away from Mumbai so all’s good.


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