All Things Black And Beautiful – 2

My previous post was filled with all the fantasy stuff i would want to own, which were colored black.

So I thought, why not list down some realistic ones which i can own within the next 2 years.

This post can act like my to do list in the future, right? 😛

So, enough with the weird choices.

Below is my list of the 5 things in black i would see myself with in the coming 2 years.


1) Kindle Reader:

Forgive me for not choosing an Ipad or another tab, but i just love this concept. For any book reader like me who just love the smell of books, the kindle comes very close in giving that type of a feel.

I don’t enjoy reading e-books honestly as i like the feel of a hard-cover and a paper-back.

Call me traditional or whatever but that’s what i think.

Although, if i have to read it online, why not get a kindle? It will not be the same feeling but still should be close enough.


2) DSLR:

I know how this sounds too.

I am not a wannabe photographer nor do I want to be.

I just like clicking, and if ya’ll need proof, then read my other posts with the title;





It’s not necessary I would buy just a DSLR.

If other point and shoot cameras are better I can try my hand there.

To get a standard camera as such, I would need to research. I don’t want something which will take me ages to figure out.

I have friends who use such cameras, and yes i have used it too.

To have one for myself would just be blissful.


3) Wrist Watch:

Now let me tell you, i do have a fascination for watches.

A lot.

I have around 5 watches which I love…. <3

A Quick Fact:

Did you know how long did Lancelot Quadras take to select a watch for his best friend?

Answer – An hour 😛

Yea, I love checking the designs and it makes me happy.

But the only thing that leaves me feeling incomplete is that i haven’t bought it from my own money.

To buy a watch with my own funds would definitely make me happy. (The price will make me shed a tear or more), But it will be worth it.


4) I phone/ Treadmill:


This is something which has got me into a bit of a tussle.

It’s either an iPhone or a treadmill.

An I phone because I like the interface and could not buy it due to the stupendous price.

Also a treadmill as I like exercising and I have been trying to get my mother into this habit. Now she gives rain as an excuse for not going for her daily walking exercise.

This would be in fact the first thing I would want to own.

Then there would be no way she can say no (evil laughter) 😛


5) Book shelf:

I so need this one. I don’t have one currently, and all my cabinets have been filled with books. It needs breathing space for other items too nah?

So a book shelf will solve my problems. Don’t you think?


Let me know if this post was worth reading, funny, or a sheer waste of time 😛

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