Second Thoughts

​Thinking and implementation sometimes don’t go hand in hand.

I envy those who can do these together, every single time (or perhaps at least 90% of times).

I used to have a lot of conflicts in my mind with regards to every situation. I would think of something but would do something else. In the end it would hurt me and I would question myself, why did I have a second thought to it? Why didn’t I just go ahead with what I had decided?

That’s when I realised that there’s 2 possibilities to it;

  • Either I’m not sure that what I thought is right OR
  • I’m just going by the flow and doing things at the spur of the moment.

Both of them are bad and should be avoided at all costs.

When I was a child, I was told by a fortune teller that “I JUMP FIRST AND THINK LATER” and damn she was right! It helps very rarely and the rest of the times I’m on the losing side. I had been unemployed for almost 8 months since post-graduation.

I had sleepless nights, cursed myself for not taking the right opportunities when they were right in front of me and why? Just because I had second thoughts!

I finally decided to put things at their right places.


  • Ate properly. (Maintained a well-balanced diet)
  • Exercised religiously for 6 days a week.
  • Gave more attention to my reading habits. (Would read a book/week)
  • Was up to date with current affairs in the world (helps in interviews)
  • Learnt to swim (I always wanted to do that.)
  •  Lost around 30 pounds in 4 straight months! ( I had a lot of time to take care of myself due to being unemployed)

During this tenure of 8 months I blogged a lot. I wrote, read, participated in different blog themes and yes I also got paid for few articles. (The best part being that I had money to survive on my own. I didn’t need to ask money from my parents.)

All this changed the way I am today. I believe we are known by our actions. If you take a right step, you’d love to be praised. Similarly if you take a wrong step, OWN IT! That’s your mess and only when you accept your mistake, you grow into a better person. You grow when you accept your faults and correct them for the future.

Hence, Second thoughts are never an option. If you have a second thought, introspect and look at that situation from all angles. Get a solution, be clear.
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Second Thoughts

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